Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 25 in Mexico, Week 7 in Cruz del Sur

This week was really good, we had an Apostle come to Guadalajara.  We had 1 meeting  with the 2 missions, and another one specifically for our stake.  They both were really good, Russel M. Nelson came, and he is 90 years old, and walks around like he´s 60!  During the stake conference with him, he was talking, and then he sang a song in spanish about Guadalajara (He doesn´t know spanish)  After he finished singing.  He looked out, and said that "If I can sing in spanish, I can talk in spanish!" He then looked over at his translator, and said "Thank you very much, but I can handle it from here."  and he just started to talk in spanish!  He had an accent, but everyone could understand him, and it was a great experience.  I got to shake his hand 2 times.  During the meeting with the 2 missions.  He talked about how there aren´t lots of members in Guadalajara, but that just means that we have lots of potential to convert people.  It was a great way to motivate us to work harder and invite all to come un to Christ.  Then Christmas is coming up soon, it will be a great time to help people.  Not much else has happened here, but this week we have a Gira Misional with a member of the 70 and we have to memorize lots of stuff for this saturday.
Good luck everyone
Elder Carey

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