Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 70 in Mexico, Week 10 in Del Valle

Hey!! So far everything has gone great this week!  The hurricane sounded like it was going to be really bad, but it pretty much dissapated when it reached ground.  There was a lot of rain, and that caused a little bit of a problem here in Guadalajara, but in our area not that much.  We had to be in the house at 4 the day of the hurricane, but the next day we left as if it was a normal day.  I think the mountains here had something to do with that.  There was a tree that fell over in front of the house, but it was already leaning over from a different storm.  

So far this week the big thing that happened was the hurricane.  I`m sure that everyone was wondering how that went.  Thankfully here in Guadalajara, it wasn`t that bad.  We were told to stay in our house the day of the hurricane right after we got back from lunch.  It was a pretty cool experience, but it was a little boring to be in the house all day.  Here in my area not much happened.  It did get pretty cold because it was cloudy all day for like 3 days.  During the week things have been going pretty good.  We were able to find a new family to teach through a reference a sister gave us.  We taught them the first time this week and they accepted everything quite well, they accepted a baptismal date and everything, but couldn`t go to church because of work they had.  We are also working still with Israel, but he  couldn`t go to church (again) and we went to his house, and commited him to go to church this week.  Fransisco, the son in law of the member, is progressing well, he went to church yesterday, and we are going to teach him today, we just need to finish the teaching before this next week.  Besides that, everything is going good, we are working more with the members, and getting to know more of what was the sisters area.    It was also daylight savings time this week, and it was wonderfull to be able to sleep an hour more.  This week, we have a ward FHE, and it should be exciting.  So thats all for now!  Good luck this week!
Elder Carey

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 69 in Mexico, Week 9 in Del Valle

So this week has been pretty good!  The meeting we had with President Durrant was super good.  It wasn´t very long, but he taught us a lot about how to teach.  He is super tall.  We are also going to go to the temple tomorrow as a district, so that should be pretty good, we are very excited.

Here is a picture of the elders that were with us for the weekend with one of the families that he used to visit when he was here.  It was cool, because he just went around surprising his converts and stuff like that which must have been pretty cool.

Since the sister missionaries had to leave, the whole ward is our area, so we started to work some in the sisters area.  The good news is that we will never run out of work here haha.  We are still finding more people to teach.  We got a reference from pretty far away, and we went to go teach them, and they accepted baptismal dates and everything.  We also went with Israel.  He is doing good.  We lent him some church movies, and he watched them all over the weekend, he told us that he especially liked The Testaments.  His sister and his brother in law also watched the movies, and they said that they liked it a lot.  Sergio is a little different, he told us he would tell us when we could visit him, but he doesn´t say anything, but we are going to pass by his house to see him,  We also don´t know what happened with Javier, his wife told us that he went with his mom, and hasn´t been back for a while, so we have to figure out what happened there.  The members are very nice, and we are actually going to go visit the part member family tonight to have a FHE with them.  They are progressing a lot, and the sister is almost done reading the Book of Mormon.  We just need to help her get more into the activities at church and stuff like that.  The meeting with Pres. Durrant was great.  
Elder Carey

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 68 in Mexico, Week 8 in Del Valle

Okay, so this week was pretty good.  To start off, I now have some more weird food that I have eaten.  This week a member gave us liver and bean sandwiches, then we went to a ward activity, and they served tostadas with beans lettuce and this thing called cueritos, its like pickled pig skin.  This isn`t my first time trying it, but it is one of the few things that I really don`t like haha.  Well besides that everything went good.  We had a lesson with Israel about the Sabbath day, and he liked it a lot, then we had another lesson later on about tithing and fasting.  He told us that he was going to make us pancakes which is good haha.  Sergio is alright, we didn`t have a lesson with him, but he did go to the ward family home evening.  We are also working with one of the investigators from the sisters old area, he is doing good, His name is Javier, and he has been to church like 3 times now, and from what I`ve seen, he is very excited to keep learning.  Its been a pretty good week, we had interviews with president, and everything went pretty well.  He is already starting to tell me that I need to put goals for my last 6 months, which is so weird.  Also, this week, Pres Durrant, from the Sunday school general presidency is coming to visit our mission Saturday, and we are ponderizing lots of scriptures ah ah.  
Sorry:(  no pics this week
Elder Carey

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 67 in Mexico, Week 7 in Del Valle

Hi everyone, so this week has been pretty good.  We have had lots of work, and actually lots of stuff happened this week.  First of all we had a zone meeting Friday, right after the zone meeting we got to go to the temple to help the ward do baptisms for the dead.  It was a really good experience and it was also the first time for my companion and I.  After that we had general conference.  I loved all of the sessions, it was cool to get to see who the new apostles are.  I also really liked all of the talks.  During the week, we had another lesson with Sergio, it turns out that he has lots of weird ideas.  He thinks that Satan doesn`t exist, that we didn`t exist before we were born and a bunch of other stuff, he did go to 2 sessions of general conference Saturday, but Sunday, he didn`t go to any session.  The good news is that Israel went to general conference, and he liked it a lot.  It turns out he bought a triple combination that he saw in some street market, and already read Abraham, he said he liked it.  Also, he has already gotten to the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon.  He is flying through it, and he likes it a lot.  He is definitely going to get baptized.  Besides that, I`ve been showing the area to my new companion.  He is already getting the hang of missionary life.  So far so good.  I`ve been telling everyone that he has more than 20 baptisms, and 1 week in the mission.  Then, after they react, I tell them that we did baptisms for the dead.  Today, we had a zone activity, and we went to play soccer, and basketball and stuff.  It was fun, but now I`m way tired.  Oh, another thing, the sister missionaries had to go again, the new sister also got sick.  So the whole ward is all ours.  Its a lot of work, and I`m not sure how we`re going to do it, but it should be alright.  If it all works out, one of the investigators that the sisters had, should get baptized here soon in like 2 or 3 weeks, which is good, anyway, there are all sorts of stuff going on here.  
Elder Carey