Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 44 in Mexico, Week 14 in Zihuatanejo

This past week was really good.  We got to go on divisions with the zone leaders, and I went to Lazaro Cardenas.  Its very hot over there, and there are a ton of mangoes.  The members here are also starting to give us bags of mangoes.  Our investigators are doing good.  Crescencia is progressing very well even though she is having some problems with her family.  Her mom doesn´t want her to keep listening to us, but she is quite determined to get to her baptismal date the 16th of May.  Diana is also doing good, but she is just having problems with her family getting sick.  Every time she is about to come to church, someone in her family gets sick and she can´t make it to church.  We think that Satan has some part in that because she is super prepared to receive the gospel, but Satan doesn´t let her advance with the attendances.  Everything else is going good, we are trying to find more people to teach, and some members have some references for us.  I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Carey

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 43 in Mexico, Week 13 in Zihuatanejo

Hi Everyone, This week was pretty good.  We didn´t have electricity from Monday in the afternoon till Wednesday in the afternoon.  The nights were pretty terrible because it is still pretty hot here.  We moved the mattresses into the study room, that has 2 big sliding glass doors, so that it wouldn´t be too hot.  The problem was that it was sleep with the sheets, and not have lots of bugs bite me, but very hot, or without, so it would be cooler, but lots of bugs would bite me.  The nights were pretty long. I don´t get bit too bad when we are in the house, it is outside with the other people that I get bit.  Besides that the week was really good.  We improved a lot in part of our goals and stuff.  Cresencia went to church.  Diana couldn´t because Satan is really keeping her from going to church.  She had a sick nephew and could not go.   
This week is going to be really interesting, because we are going to have divisions from tomorrow till Friday in the morning.   I will be going to work in the area of the zone leaders for the next few days.  

 Okay here are some of the pictures that my companion took the other day.  We went to this place that is a hill right above the sea.  There are some pretty sweet vacation houses.  The view is spectacular, but you´ll have to judge for your self.  1 more thing.  The other day some members gave us some sea food to eat, and now I have some more weird food that I can put on my list.  I got to try 2 things that are a little weird in the US.  1 caracol, from what I know,  it is the meat that is inside of a conch shell.  2 cucarachas del mar.  Translated that is cockroaches of the sea.  Someone showed me a picture, and it is like small turtle the size of a cell phone.  It was actually pretty good.   Just a little bit spicy.  Its funny because, now when we go to eat, like today we went to go eat quesadillas, and I was going to put the spicy salsa on my quesadilla, but someone working there told me, careful, that one is spicy.  I just think its interesting because people don´t think I can take the heat.  I still haven´t got to habanero peppers and stuff like that, but sometimes I eat stuff more spicy than people think I can handle.  Well that's all for now.  Have a great week! 
Elder Carey

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 42 in Mexico, Week 12 in Zihuatanejo

Today was the day of transfers!  My companion and I didn´t have any so we are both going to stay here.  During this week we have been working with David some, but now he doesn´t really want to progress.  We think one of his brothers or his mom had some part in trying to convince him not to get baptized.  He still likes seeing us, and we go there a lot to visit his cousin, who is a member.  Diana is doing really good, she is progressing a lot, and we finished teaching all of lesson 1 and she understood  everything and is way excited to get her answer.  She wasn´t able to come to church this week because she had to go see her son, because he just got married.  But this week we are going to work with her some more.  Also we have been teaching a friend of our ward mission leader, and she accepted a baptismal date this week!  The only problem is that she doesn´t live  in our area.  She only works here, and she is here all day.  The other missionaries don´t have a chance to teach her.  Her name is Cresencia, she  is doing pretty good as far as the teaching goes.  She just needs to go to church, but that is another part of the problem with her work .  She might be able to get a free hour to go to church.  She hasn´t been able to go to church since she began the discussions.  Well that's about all for this week!
Elder Carey


Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 41 in Mexico, Week 11 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone, this week was pretty good out here.  We were able to see the conference and it was really good.  Also, this upcoming week, we are going to be able to see Meet the Mormons in Spanish here!   They are going to show it in the church, because there isn´t a movie theater that played it here.  I´m pretty excited because I still haven´t seen it.  Besides that, this week, we are still working with David for his baptism.  His baptismal date is for this week, but we ran in to a little bit of a problem.  He is a member of a christian church, and this week, he wasn´t able to come to conference because of a youth activity that they had in his church.  So today, in the morning we talked with him, and he said he isn´t ready for his baptism.  So we´re going to have to talk to him to help him get ready.   We don´t think that he has been reading that much of the  Book of Mormon, so we´re going to try and get things settled so he can be baptized this week.  Our other investigators are doing good.  Diana wasn´t able to come to the conference because she is sick, but she still really wants to come to church and stuff.  Well not much else has happened different , this week is the last week of  the transfer so we will see what happens next week.  Okay, I´ve got to go!
Elder Carey