Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 42 in Mexico, Week 12 in Zihuatanejo

Today was the day of transfers!  My companion and I didn´t have any so we are both going to stay here.  During this week we have been working with David some, but now he doesn´t really want to progress.  We think one of his brothers or his mom had some part in trying to convince him not to get baptized.  He still likes seeing us, and we go there a lot to visit his cousin, who is a member.  Diana is doing really good, she is progressing a lot, and we finished teaching all of lesson 1 and she understood  everything and is way excited to get her answer.  She wasn´t able to come to church this week because she had to go see her son, because he just got married.  But this week we are going to work with her some more.  Also we have been teaching a friend of our ward mission leader, and she accepted a baptismal date this week!  The only problem is that she doesn´t live  in our area.  She only works here, and she is here all day.  The other missionaries don´t have a chance to teach her.  Her name is Cresencia, she  is doing pretty good as far as the teaching goes.  She just needs to go to church, but that is another part of the problem with her work .  She might be able to get a free hour to go to church.  She hasn´t been able to go to church since she began the discussions.  Well that's about all for this week!
Elder Carey


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