Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 79 in Mexico, Week 2 in Sahuayo

Okay, so here are the pictures from Christmas, check the date on the ring puzzle picture ha ha.  I also have some pictures from what we did for Christmas eve, we bought pizza and ice cream. It was pretty good!  Here the big day for presents is January 6th, the day of the wise men.  In this part of Mexico, Santa doesn´t bring presents, but the wise men do.  It's a little different.
The next picture is the new suit, I tried it on the first time yesterday, and I think its alright.  Next is a weird new fruit I tried today.  I think its called a Chinese pomegranate, its sort of like a pomegranate, but the seeds have a texture more like boogers, or slimy, but it tastes pretty good.  The member also gave us some to take home.

On Christmas we visited some people.  We visited one of the branch presidents counselors, he gave us lunch, and then we had to go home.

They celebrate Christmas, but not a lot, actually, the 24th is a bigger holiday, and basically everyone has lots of parties until really late.  It also depends on what part of Mexico, because in Guadalajara I think the 25th is a bigger holiday.  Sometimes baby Jesus brings gifts instead of Santa.  

I hope you have a great week.
Elder Carey

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 78 in Mexico, Week 1 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  So far everything has been going pretty good!  Yesterday was the big Christmas party.  It was really fun.  We started off with a zone conference with both of the zones that lasted about 3 hours, after that we had about 1 hour in a zone conference with just our zone, and the other zone was practicing for the Christmas program that we had, then after that we changed, and we practiced for the Christmas program.  After that we had some activities outside, like piñatas and stuff like that.  It was way fun.  After the activities we had the dinner.  There was tons off food, turkey and mashed potatoes and stuff.  Then at the end, we had flan, and I got super full.  Then after that we had the Christmas program, we sang and stuff. 
So here in my new area, there is a lot of work to do.  The members are pretty nice, I really like the area because it´s a very nice little town.  We do have to do a lot of travelling to get to district and zone meetings and stuff.  We were able to find a member who will let us use his computer, Christmas day.

Oh, also, today, some sister here gave us lunch, and afterwards she let us try out some dried fruits that she made.  She also gave us a pomegranate jam, and some dried rose petals covered in sugar, which was interesting, but pretty good.

Elder Carey

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 77 in Mexico, Week 17 in Del Valle

HI Everyone, so to start off,I got transferred from Del Valle to a branch called Sahuayo. So far it seems like a pretty nice place.  Its like a little town, and my companion and I are the only ones here.  My new companion, Elder Ruiz says that its very calm here, and that its sort of like farm.  I still haven´t met anyone, but its a pretty nice place.  It was about a three and a half hour bus ride, mostly because we were in Guadalajara.  So I´m going to be here for Christmas. From what I´ve heard, we are going to be able to use the camera in the house of prayer.  Oh also, there isn´t a church building here, and its not a stake, just a district.  Tomorrow, we have to travel 3 hours to get to the district meeting.  I´ll still be the district leader, but there are only 2 companionship here in the district.

It was very sad to leave Del Valley, actually when we told a family that I was going to leave, they bought me a cake, and I got a picture of it.  It was pretty sad, and my companion was a little sad, but mostly nervous because he is going to train now as well.  I hope that all goes well, and that they can have success.  My companion so far seems like a good guy.  I´m sure we are going to get along.  He also told me that we do have some investigators, and that if we work hard, then we should have lots of success.  The area is pretty big, we also are going to work in some of the little towns that are close.  It does seem like it is a nice place, and I´m excited to work here.
Elder Carey

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 76 in Mexico, Week 16 in Del Valle

Hi so this week has been pretty good!!  It went by super fast because we had splits, the zone meeting, and some other stuff.  We just barely got back from buying suits.  I don´t have a picture yet, but its dark navy blue with pinstripes.  I also bought 2 ties that look pretty sweet.  Its a pretty nice store.  I´ll get some pictures maybe next week.  Oh, also, transfers are this coming week.  I might end up going but who knows.  Christmas is coming up.  There will be a huge 3 zone activity, and Christmas dinner on the 23 if I stay here, we also talked with a family for the night of the 24th to go have dinner at their house, which is very nice.  

This upcoming week is also the dedication of the Tijuana temple, and they are going to broadcast it to all of Mexico, so we are going to be able to go.  Besides that, we were also able to find some new people.  Yesterday we found someone who is super prepared.  His wife is a member, and he is very excited to learn more, he even took a picture of us so that he could remember the first day he received us for when he gets baptized, so he is super excited.  Also, I bought a fried ice cream this week, it costed 12 pesos, almost nothing!  It was pretty good, we might need to go get more soon.  

I also have a picture of a cool graffiti, and the zone meeting we had.  There is also a picture of an elder in my district and I putting on glasses, it was funny because it wasn´t planned this way, we just sort of ended up that way with the timer.  I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Carey

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 75 in Mexico, Week 15 in Del Valle

Okay, so everything is going good so far.  I have decided that this week is going to go by super quick because we have to do splits 2 times, and I´ll have to do 2 baptismal interviews.  This week, the day when we were with the zone leaders, we were able to give 4 blessings the same day.  It was pretty cool, and we were able to help lots of people.  Today in the zone activity, it was pretty fun, we got to play volley ball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and eat pizza.  We liked it a lot, but we just had the problem of getting back on time.  

So this week was pretty good!  We started doing splits with the zone leaders.  I was with the American zone leader which was pretty cool.  Besides that we had a lot of stuff going on.  We had a stake conference this past Sunday.  President Egginton talked and the temple president talked too.  It was really good.  After that we saw President and his wife and that is where we took all of the pictures that are on Facebook.  We had a couple of investigators that went.  Ana was one.  The family that gave us food to eat on Thanksgiving also went.  Ana liked it a lot.  Some other people went, they have been going to church, and we went to go see them the first time yesterday, and it was pretty good.  They are pretty chosen, but they aren´t married.  The good news is that they just need his birth certificate, and to go sign the paper.  Besides that, there is this brother who always go with us, and his mom came to visit him because of the stake conference because he was going to be ordained elder.  Anyway, his mom brought us some stuff from the temple store in Mexico City.  She brought us new backpacks, that I´m going to send some pictures of.  They´re like special missionary backpacks, because they have a waist strap and stuff, and fits all the scriptures great.  He also bought me a new oil container because my other one started to leak a little.  So that was the big things that have happened this week.  
It was a good week.  Here are the pictures from Facebook. 
Elder Carey

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 74 in Mexico, Week 14 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!  Sorry for writing late again, we had a district activity playing kickball and eating pizza.  So far everything has been going good this week.  For thanksgiving, we are going to go eat with a family that always gives us lots of food, and I told them that it is going to be thanksgiving, and it should be pretty good.  

Okay, so this week was pretty good.  We had lots of stuff going on.  I am realizing that almost every day this past week we had to give at least 1 blessing.  It seem like everyone is getting sick.  It was a cool experience.  Besides that we visited some people during the week.  We visited Israel this week, and we shared the story of Adam, when he obeys, and makes the sacrifice just because the Lord told him to.  He told us that he was going to go to church and everything, but he never showed up yesterday.  My companion and I decided that we are going to have to tell him that we can´t go back until he has gone to church.  We were also able to go with Ana.  She also couldn`t go to church but because she also got sick.  We were able to teach her, and her daughter.  On the good side, Angel, on of the kids we were teaching a while ago went to church.  We stopped visiting him for a bit, but this past week, we ran into his mom, and she told us that they were going to go to church, and they actually did this week!  We also made an appointment to visit him, because he really wants to be baptized.

Here in my area people think if your feet get wet, or if you are standing on the cold ground, or if you eat to much ice cream, or if you change the temperature really fast, it will make you get sick.  It has never happened to me.  The weather is cooling down.  It is now in the low 80's, and some times the upper 70's.  It is still pretty nice.  

Here is a picture of my companions birthday.  A really nice family in our ward that we are going to eat dinner at on Thanksgiving insisted on making a cake for my companions birthday.  The mom thinks birthdays are very important, and you have to have a cake on your birthday.  It is really nice.  We like going to see this family.  
Elder Carey

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 73 in Mexico, Week 13 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!! So far this week has been pretty good.  It was a little stressful at first, giving my first district meeting, but it all turned out alright at the end.  Tomorrow, we have another district meeting, so it should be good.  Besides that, I got my hair cut this week.  Its sort of short, but that's alright, because its still pretty hot here.  Also, this upcoming week, we are going to have a meeting with president De Hoyos from the area presidency.  We are pretty excited to see what happens.   
This week we were able to work, and find some new people to teach.  First, we were able to go eat with this sister who was less active for a little bit, and we found out her son, who is ten years old, isn`t baptized, so we are going to work with him. Besides that, we are still working with Israel.  He didn`t go to church, and it turns out that he has a pretty big problem with coffee.  We are trying to help him get over that.  Ana is also doing good, she wants to invite us to dinner this Wednesday, and she says that she received her answer and wants to be baptized, but she didn`t go to church this week.  It might have been because her dad is sick, and she has to take care of him.  
I forgot how many chosen people are in this area.  There is the sisters area, and our area is a lot more poorer, so they are more humble.  We were walking around yesterday , and several people came up to us and said "Hey, missionaries visited us before, can you come to my house again.  It was pretty amazing.  We are working hard, and have a lot to do.  So that's it for this week.  I`ve got to go now!!
Elder Carey

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 72 in Mexico, Week 12 in Del Valle

Hi Everyone!!  So far everything has been going great this week, I`ve got a lot of pictures to send.  Javier`s baptism was great, we got some good pictures.  So transfers were this week, but we didn`t have any transfers, but I do have a new assignment, I`m going to be the district leader here, so that should be very interesting, a little bit more stress.  I`m a little worried, but it shouldn`t be that hard ha ha.  Tomorrow, I have to give the district meeting, which should be very interesting.  

During the beginning of the week, we were working to get Javier ready for his baptism, Thursday we had his interview, and he passed it and everything.  Friday we had the zone meeting, which was great, it was pretty different from other zone meetings that we have had.  They told us there that we were going to have new zone leaders there.  So besides that, everything has been going great, The baptism was great, and it almost went off without a hitch.
It is great here in Mexico serving the Lord.
Elder Carey 

Elder Carey

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 71 in Mexico, Week 11 in Del Valle

Hello! We had a great week.  There is a lot going on.  Our investigators are all doing well.  We went and visited Lucy, and she was having a panic attach and wasn't sure if she wanted to be taught.  We told her it would help with her panic attach.  We gave her a lesson, and she felt much better by the time we were done.  Her and her husband and family came to church yesterday.  

Javier is getting excited for his baptism.  His father in law is a seminary teacher, so everything we teach him he is pretty familiar with.  There is an interesting story.  We were on our way to go teach Javier, and we decided to go a different way.  We went down this one street, but it was a dead end.  When we started walking back two kids came running up to us and said that their mom wants to talk to us.  Come to find out this lady had moved in a while ago and has been a member of the church for 2 years.  She wanted to know where the church is.  That was pretty amazing.  

There is a referral we got from Tijuana from this ladies brother who is a member.  We went and visited her, and she is excited to come to church.  

Halloween is interesting here.  The kids dress up, but mostly just paint a skull on their face. When the kids go from house to house they say "We want Halloween" instead of "Trick or Treat."  We were out in one of the poorer parts of our area, and lots of the kids through eggs at us.  A while later we went to get on the bus, but it never came.  We went and found another bus that went close to our house.  We got on that bus. Someone through a rock at the bus.  It was an interesting day.  

Sunday was a great day.  We had 6 or 7 investigators come to church.  Israel finally came.  We were excited.  We showed him around the church.  We were showing him the baptismal font, and there was a dead frog in it.  We felt bad.  He said that's OK I like frogs.  

One last experience.  We had a discussion with Javier and we could tell something was wrong. His father in law asked him what was wrong.  He started crying, and come to find out he knows how important families are and he wants to be with his family for ever.  His parents are not members.  The spirit was really strong.  Who knows maybe with Javier's example they might become a member some day.  

I hope everyone has a great week.  Here is a picture from the day of the dead.
Elder Carey

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 70 in Mexico, Week 10 in Del Valle

Hey!! So far everything has gone great this week!  The hurricane sounded like it was going to be really bad, but it pretty much dissapated when it reached ground.  There was a lot of rain, and that caused a little bit of a problem here in Guadalajara, but in our area not that much.  We had to be in the house at 4 the day of the hurricane, but the next day we left as if it was a normal day.  I think the mountains here had something to do with that.  There was a tree that fell over in front of the house, but it was already leaning over from a different storm.  

So far this week the big thing that happened was the hurricane.  I`m sure that everyone was wondering how that went.  Thankfully here in Guadalajara, it wasn`t that bad.  We were told to stay in our house the day of the hurricane right after we got back from lunch.  It was a pretty cool experience, but it was a little boring to be in the house all day.  Here in my area not much happened.  It did get pretty cold because it was cloudy all day for like 3 days.  During the week things have been going pretty good.  We were able to find a new family to teach through a reference a sister gave us.  We taught them the first time this week and they accepted everything quite well, they accepted a baptismal date and everything, but couldn`t go to church because of work they had.  We are also working still with Israel, but he  couldn`t go to church (again) and we went to his house, and commited him to go to church this week.  Fransisco, the son in law of the member, is progressing well, he went to church yesterday, and we are going to teach him today, we just need to finish the teaching before this next week.  Besides that, everything is going good, we are working more with the members, and getting to know more of what was the sisters area.    It was also daylight savings time this week, and it was wonderfull to be able to sleep an hour more.  This week, we have a ward FHE, and it should be exciting.  So thats all for now!  Good luck this week!
Elder Carey

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 69 in Mexico, Week 9 in Del Valle

So this week has been pretty good!  The meeting we had with President Durrant was super good.  It wasn´t very long, but he taught us a lot about how to teach.  He is super tall.  We are also going to go to the temple tomorrow as a district, so that should be pretty good, we are very excited.

Here is a picture of the elders that were with us for the weekend with one of the families that he used to visit when he was here.  It was cool, because he just went around surprising his converts and stuff like that which must have been pretty cool.

Since the sister missionaries had to leave, the whole ward is our area, so we started to work some in the sisters area.  The good news is that we will never run out of work here haha.  We are still finding more people to teach.  We got a reference from pretty far away, and we went to go teach them, and they accepted baptismal dates and everything.  We also went with Israel.  He is doing good.  We lent him some church movies, and he watched them all over the weekend, he told us that he especially liked The Testaments.  His sister and his brother in law also watched the movies, and they said that they liked it a lot.  Sergio is a little different, he told us he would tell us when we could visit him, but he doesn´t say anything, but we are going to pass by his house to see him,  We also don´t know what happened with Javier, his wife told us that he went with his mom, and hasn´t been back for a while, so we have to figure out what happened there.  The members are very nice, and we are actually going to go visit the part member family tonight to have a FHE with them.  They are progressing a lot, and the sister is almost done reading the Book of Mormon.  We just need to help her get more into the activities at church and stuff like that.  The meeting with Pres. Durrant was great.  
Elder Carey

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 68 in Mexico, Week 8 in Del Valle

Okay, so this week was pretty good.  To start off, I now have some more weird food that I have eaten.  This week a member gave us liver and bean sandwiches, then we went to a ward activity, and they served tostadas with beans lettuce and this thing called cueritos, its like pickled pig skin.  This isn`t my first time trying it, but it is one of the few things that I really don`t like haha.  Well besides that everything went good.  We had a lesson with Israel about the Sabbath day, and he liked it a lot, then we had another lesson later on about tithing and fasting.  He told us that he was going to make us pancakes which is good haha.  Sergio is alright, we didn`t have a lesson with him, but he did go to the ward family home evening.  We are also working with one of the investigators from the sisters old area, he is doing good, His name is Javier, and he has been to church like 3 times now, and from what I`ve seen, he is very excited to keep learning.  Its been a pretty good week, we had interviews with president, and everything went pretty well.  He is already starting to tell me that I need to put goals for my last 6 months, which is so weird.  Also, this week, Pres Durrant, from the Sunday school general presidency is coming to visit our mission Saturday, and we are ponderizing lots of scriptures ah ah.  
Sorry:(  no pics this week
Elder Carey

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 67 in Mexico, Week 7 in Del Valle

Hi everyone, so this week has been pretty good.  We have had lots of work, and actually lots of stuff happened this week.  First of all we had a zone meeting Friday, right after the zone meeting we got to go to the temple to help the ward do baptisms for the dead.  It was a really good experience and it was also the first time for my companion and I.  After that we had general conference.  I loved all of the sessions, it was cool to get to see who the new apostles are.  I also really liked all of the talks.  During the week, we had another lesson with Sergio, it turns out that he has lots of weird ideas.  He thinks that Satan doesn`t exist, that we didn`t exist before we were born and a bunch of other stuff, he did go to 2 sessions of general conference Saturday, but Sunday, he didn`t go to any session.  The good news is that Israel went to general conference, and he liked it a lot.  It turns out he bought a triple combination that he saw in some street market, and already read Abraham, he said he liked it.  Also, he has already gotten to the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon.  He is flying through it, and he likes it a lot.  He is definitely going to get baptized.  Besides that, I`ve been showing the area to my new companion.  He is already getting the hang of missionary life.  So far so good.  I`ve been telling everyone that he has more than 20 baptisms, and 1 week in the mission.  Then, after they react, I tell them that we did baptisms for the dead.  Today, we had a zone activity, and we went to play soccer, and basketball and stuff.  It was fun, but now I`m way tired.  Oh, another thing, the sister missionaries had to go again, the new sister also got sick.  So the whole ward is all ours.  Its a lot of work, and I`m not sure how we`re going to do it, but it should be alright.  If it all works out, one of the investigators that the sisters had, should get baptized here soon in like 2 or 3 weeks, which is good, anyway, there are all sorts of stuff going on here.  
Elder Carey

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 66 in Mexico, Week 6 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!  Hows it going?  So this week the big thing that happened is that we had transfers. Turns out that I`m training a new missionary.  It caught me by surprise because both my companion and I were pretty new to the area and it just finished up so fast.  My new companions name is Elder Peña, and he is from Merida Yucatàn. So far everything is going good.  
Okay, so besides all that, this past week was pretty good.  We had some ups and downs, partially because we went with Sergio one day, and he was saying some pretty crazy stuff, that he didn`t like what we were teaching and stuff like that.  We prayed that night so his heart would be softened and the next day he sent us a message that his mom was sick, and he wanted us to pray for him.  Later on, by pure chance we ran in to him, and he sort of talked to us to calm down for some other problems that he was facing, and he said that he wants to keep learning and working to his baptism which is in 2 weeks.  We`ve got a lot to teach him but he is doing good.  Israel is also doing good, we taught the word of wisdom and he is working to stop drinking coffee.  He wasn`t able to go to church this past week, so we are going to have to put his baptism another week back, but besides that, he is progressing really good.
We also got to see part of the lunar eclipse.  We were on our way home, and the moon looked a little weird, and partially covered, and I told my companion that I thought it was an eclipse, and when we got to the house, it was completely covered and a little red, I do have some pictures, but they didn`t turn out that well.

Okay, here are some of the pictures from this week.  Sorry that one turned out pretty dark, the flash messed it up.  My companion and I also made root beer floats, the first that I`ve had in a while, so we took some pictures.  There is also a picture of the lunar eclipse, and my new companion and 1 last night after the meeting.  Okay, I`ve got to go now. Enjoy everyone!!
Elder Carey

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 65 in Mexico, Week 5 in Del Valle

Hi Everyone, so far this week was really good.  We had lots of cool experiences, the first was about that elderly sister that we gave a blessing to like 4 weeks ago.  She isn´t member, but we just got the reference to go back and to teach her this time.  So we went to her house and she recieved us pretty well.  She was very happy to see us, because she feels that the blessing helped her a lot, and she called us her angels.  So we went and it was a really good lesson.  Also we went with Israel, and he told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon, and that he knows it is true.  Then he told us he did an experiment and prayed about another book from another religion, and didn´t feel anything, which was a pretty cool experience.  Oh, and he also introduced us to his sister and his sisters husband, and we taught them too.  We also got to see Sergio, and he is doing a lot better, he got to go to church yesterday, and he liked it a lot.  He already looks like a member haha.  Israel was going to go, but it turns out he overslept.  There were a couple other things that happened, like we got to see meet the Mormons yesterday with the ward, and that was good.  We are going to see it again tonight.  Anyway this is about all for now.  Have a great week.
Elder Carey

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 64 in Mexico, Week 4 in Del Valle

Hello everyone,  The temple re-dedication was really good, it lasted like an hour and a half.  Also we found another super chosen investigator named Israel.  He sort of showed up and talked to us.  He read the Book of Mormon a long time ago, and he has been looking for a copy ever since, so he came up and talked to us, we gave him a copy, and the next day we went to his house and we taught him.  He liked it a lot, and willingly accepted a baptismal date, and was going to go to church, but there weren´t any normal services because of the re-dedication. 

Okay, so the car wash went pretty good, it started up pretty slow, but afterwards, a couple of people came, and we got some future investigators to visit.  Besides that, this week, we are going to recieve a copy of meet the mormons to use it in our lessons for a week or so.  We also have a zone conference with president this week, so we are excited.  The first pictures is Elder Guillen, a senior missionary who is here, and he is pretty funny.  The next one is my invitation to the temple re-dedication.  Sergio is still doing good.  We weren´t able to have a lesson with him this week because of some problems he was going through, but now he is better and he is still excited to keep learning.  Besides that we have been working  with lots of less actives, and we are getting to know our area better.  So thats about it for now.  Have a great week!
Elder Carey

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 63 in Mexico, Week 3 Del Valle

Hi everyone!!  This week was pretty good.  I got over the infection that I had, and now everything is all better.  We have been working hard, and today, we had a zone activity, and I´m pretty sure I´m burnt a little.  It was way fun, but now my companion and I are way tired.  We are definitely going to sleep good tonight.  We have been trying to get the hang of the area, its pretty big so we have to do a lot of travelling.  Usually we end up talking a couple of buses daily.  The members here are really nice, actually just the other day some members invited us to eat with them.  They bought my companion a plate of fruit with sweetened condensed milk and m&ms on top, and they bought me french fries with hot dogs.  The hot dogs were cut in half, and then they cut it length wise, but not all the way.  After that they fried it all, and the hot dogs finished looking like little squids, which was cool.  This past week we also had the zone meeting, and there was a rule change, we can now go to the temple as a district 1 time every 2 transfers.  They will assign us a day to go, but we are way excited, especially since only the missionaries in Guadalajara will be able to go.  We now also have a copy of Meet the Mormons as a zone, and we are going to have the opportunity to "borrow" it for a day or two, which should be good.  We are already planning a family home evening or something, which should be good.  Also we got to meet with Sergio, the person that showed up at the chapel by himself.  He seems like a great person, he went to church again yesterday, and he liked it a lot.  He likes to read the Book of Mormon which is great.  We also got to work with some of the ward missionaries.  We told everyone that we will need lots of help because we are both new.  Actually Saturday, we are going to have a car wash, so that people can go to the church, and while they are waiting for there car to be cleaned, we are going to give them tours of the chapel, and show videos and stuff.  Another cool thing is they are going to broadcast the Mexico City temple re-dedication
to a church in our stake, and we are going to be able to go, which is going to be quite exciting.  Anyway, that's about it for this week, Have a great week everyone.  
Elder Carey

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 62 in Mexico, Week 2 in Del Valle

This past week was pretty good, it started off pretty good, we are still meeting all of the members and investigators.  I think it´s going to take a while.  Anyway, so Thursday we had an interesting day, we were looking a lot for people and almost no one was at home.  Friday, my companion and I woke up a little sick, but not too much, so went to go work.  Almost no one was at home during the morning, and in the afternoon we had a church activity and one of the 2nd counselor´s daughter got baptized, and he asked us to go help him prepare the font and everything.  He also brought some food to eat, so we ate, and we started to work.  After a little while, I threw up the food he gave us, and I think I had a tempurature sort of high.  I felt pretty sick during the activity.  So when we got home I took my tempurature and I had a fever of 103.  After talking to the mission president´s wife, I took some medicine to feel better, and we went to bed.  That was the worst of the sickness, but Saturday we were looking around for a doctor, and I still didn´t feel very good, but when we finally found one, it turns out I got an infection from some food someone gave us(someone gave us hamburgers that were a little red) and now I´m taking medicine to get over it.  I now feel much better, it was just a Friday and Saturday that I was really sick.  I´m still getting over it but its alright.  Sunday, we went to church, none of the investigators did, but this man showed up, and he said that he had read the book of Mormon, and it called his attention, and so he went to the church and we found him there.  Turns out that he lives in our area, and we have an appointment to see him this Wednesday, also some less active members want us to prepare their son for baptism, because he is nine years old.  So we are finding lots of people to teach which is good.  I also got to confirm the sister missionaries convert from last week, which was great.  Also, one of the sister missionaries in our ward had to go home because of some problems in her leg, and the other sister missionary is going to another ward, so we are going to have the whole ward to our selves, which should be interesting because there are like 140 active members, and only my companion and I to work here.  We´ll see what happens about that.  Over all it turned out being a pretty good week, even though we got sick.  There are lots of things to do here, and we´ve got to work hard.  Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Have a great week everyone.  
Elder Carey

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 61 in Mexico, Week 1 in Del Valle

 So far everything here is going good.  The ward is super nice, its pretty cool, well usually, it still gets to 96 more or less, but it isn`t very humid.  It actually rains a lot.  My first night here we got stuck in a rain storm that was pretty strong.  A tree outside our house got blown over.  We live in a super nice neighborhood. There are lots of nice members too.  I`m pretty sure I`m going to get fatter here ha ha.  My companion and I get along great.  Its still a little weird being with an American, but sometimes we are talking and its all mixed Spanish and English.  My Spanish is still pretty good, sometimes people tell me my Spanish is really good, others say I have an accent sometimes, but not American.  We are still getting to know everyone that's in our area, but there are lots of people that we haven`t met.  This area was the old area of the zone leaders, but they combined 2 zones and the other zone leaders left the area to us.  They left lots of investigators, but we still haven`t found out where they all live.  There are actually lots of people here that could be golden investigators, but we`ll see when we get to know them ha ha.  We are still working on meeting everyone, but we have already met lots of good members, and some great investigators.
Elder Carey 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 60 in Mexico, Week 30 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  So far everything is going good, we didn`t have transfers.... ha ha just kidding, right now I`m in Guadalajara again, in the area of the old zone leaders.  My companion and I are both new, so we`ve got lots of work to do.  My companion`s name is Elder Toledo.  He is from the United states.  I never thought that I would have an American companion, but here I am ha ha.  Everything went good in our travels.  We got here at 3 more or less.  Yesterday, we had to leave my area directly after the sacrament meeting, and pretty much everyone watched me leave with my suitcases in hand.  It was pretty interesting.  Diana cried a little.  but so far everything has turned out pretty good.  We were able to find some people to teach before I left.  We were on divisions with the district leader, and we were able to put a new baptismal date before I left.  

So I bought a super sweet jaguar flute, that when you blow on it, it sounds like a jaguar.  The other one is an owl, that my companion bought.  It was super cool.  So this week has been pretty good.  We got lots of work done while I was in divisions, and so I think I left the area with some work.  We`ll see how Elder Landeros does ha ha.  I think that this is about everything for this week, but I`m sure there witll be lots to write about next week.  
Elder Carey