Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 60 in Mexico, Week 30 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  So far everything is going good, we didn`t have transfers.... ha ha just kidding, right now I`m in Guadalajara again, in the area of the old zone leaders.  My companion and I are both new, so we`ve got lots of work to do.  My companion`s name is Elder Toledo.  He is from the United states.  I never thought that I would have an American companion, but here I am ha ha.  Everything went good in our travels.  We got here at 3 more or less.  Yesterday, we had to leave my area directly after the sacrament meeting, and pretty much everyone watched me leave with my suitcases in hand.  It was pretty interesting.  Diana cried a little.  but so far everything has turned out pretty good.  We were able to find some people to teach before I left.  We were on divisions with the district leader, and we were able to put a new baptismal date before I left.  

So I bought a super sweet jaguar flute, that when you blow on it, it sounds like a jaguar.  The other one is an owl, that my companion bought.  It was super cool.  So this week has been pretty good.  We got lots of work done while I was in divisions, and so I think I left the area with some work.  We`ll see how Elder Landeros does ha ha.  I think that this is about everything for this week, but I`m sure there witll be lots to write about next week.  
Elder Carey

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