Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 59 in Mexico, Week 29 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!! So this week has been good!  The good news is that I haven´t gotten sick still from what my companion got, He was all better before Wednesday. So far I might be the only person who hasn´t gotten sick from this thing (mosquito's).  I´m going to have to brag about it a little if I have transfers and I don´t get sick.  So some big news, our mission president changed the rule about going to the beach, so today, we had already asked for permission to go to ixtapa, a more tourist part of Zihua, and he gave it to us, but just yesterday, we got a message saying that we can now go to the beach, so that is what we did today, even though we just walked in the sand a little.  It was pretty interesting, because everyone must have thought that we were crazy because we went in full uniform, tie and everything.  We weren´t there for that long but now I´m a little sun burnt on my arms. 

This week was pretty good.  It's been super hot, it hasn´t rained for a super long time, so the heat is pretty killer, then Sunday in the early morning we had a pretty crazy storm, well everyone says it was pretty crazy.  I slept right through it.  I just remember seeing the lightning while I was half a sleep.  During the week we had lots of opportunities to give service, we were able to help some less active members move some furniture, and clean the church.  An interesting story, The church here almost never has any water, so its pretty dirty.  When we went to go clean, we started to clean , and I said a little prayer so that there would be a little water, and when we went out back to check, it was just starting to fill up.  I thought it was a little miracle. 

So here we have some pictures of my missionary name tag in the sand, and some other pictures with my name tag.  We ran into the sister missionaries with some members from the ward, just that they went in normal clothes.  After that I took a picture with the hat of one of the members that was with the sisters.  The last picture  is in front of a life guard post, in Spanish it is more like life saver, and that is what we are doing so we thought a picture would be appropriate.  Well, here are all of the pictures from today.  Have a great week.
Elder Carey

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