Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 48 in Mexico, Week 18 in Zihuatanejo

Okay, Hi everyone!  This week has been pretty good.  My companion and I bought a pizza because we thought that we were going to have transfers, but no, so we just ate pizza.  This week we finally got with Diana, after not being able to contact her.  She is really excited for her baptism, and her daughter too.  Good news, Diana brought her son, who is like 25, to church this past week, and he liked it, I think.  He was there for all 3 hours, and we also started to teach with Crescencia´s friend, who works with her in her restaurant.  She might progress, she is a little shy, but we´ll see what happens.  We didn´t have transfers and that's a good thing, because this transfer lots of things are going to happen.  My companion´s birthday, stake conference, 2 zone conferences, I´m going to sign my visa, Diana´s baptism, and some other stuff that I would have missed.  The only problem is that I have to travel to Guadalajara to sign my visa, and it is 10 hours in bus, so I´m going to lose 2 days this transfer. This past week we had the last district meeting, and this picture is of the 2 districts in Guerrero. 

It is officially the rainy season here, but we are still waiting for just a little bit.  It gets way hot here, and all I want is a little rain to cool it down.  Everyone says that when it rains here, it rains hard, so it should be pretty exciting now that its going to start up here soon.  
OK I´ve got to go!

Elder Carey

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 47 in Mexico, Week 17 in Zihuatanejo

Okay, Hi everyone!  How is everyone doing?  This week has been pretty good.  We have had some good experiences, and been able to find more people to teach.  Crescencia got baptized and I was the one who got to baptize her. 12 missionaries came to the baptism, because we had a meeting with an area seventy.  It was a good service, and lots of people came.  That was the big thing that happened this week.  Some members also took us to go meet some of there friends, and they accepted to be taught!  So we have found some more people to teach.  Diana and her daughter had to move, and now don´t live in our area, but it is only something temporary.  They did accept a baptismal date, but weren´t able to come to church, and we haven´t been able to contact her, because we don´t have minutes on our cellphone, the good news is that today we get more minutes.   Also, this is the last week of the transfer.  I think I might be going, but I´m not sure.  We are going to find out this Sunday in the night.  I can´t believe I got here in this area in January.  Oh, something else happened this week.  Yesterday, a less active member invited us to come to a family home evening, and we went, and the whole family was there.  There were about 25-30 people there, and it was really good.  At the end, they gave us tons of food.  Now we are hoping that all of them can make it to church to start being active in the church again. 

Have a good week.
Elder Carey

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 46 in Mexico, Week 16 in Zihuatanejo

In this email there are just lots of pictures of us.  In the morning today, when we went to the Parthenon, on the way we passed by a nice part of the city with lots of hotels and stuff, views of the beach and ocean.  It was interesting.   Apparently some guy in the government made the Parthenon like 50 years ago, and  did it with government money, so the government took it from him, and now its just a big abandoned building. We took tons of pictures.  We also got into part of the building that was outside of the gate.  There were a ton of bats, and one almost hit me. There also is a picture of us making the sushi things for mothers day. okay!  So this week was pretty good.  Crescencia is still excited for her baptism.  Everyone in the ward is helping us with her.  She is having some problems with her mom and family, but that isn´t keeping her from being baptized.  It´s pretty exciting.  Diana also came to church yesterday.  She liked it a lot, and her daughter came also, and liked it as well, she said she also would like to be baptized, but we are going to put the date tomorrow.  Okay, well this is all for now.

Elder Carey

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 45 in Mexico, Week 15 in Zihuatanejo

This week was really good!  I was able to go in divisions to San Jeronimito and also we had a zone meeting this past week.  Its crazy because some mail from January is just barely getting to me.  We also had a ward activity this past week for the Childrens Day.  Our ward mission leader had some piƱatas made like my companion and I.  It is hard to describe how it feels to have a "mini me"  get destroyed by a bunch of little kids haha.  Our investigators are doing good.  Crescencia attended church again, and is progressing quite well.  We weren´t able to have a lesson with her, but we saw her a couple of times.  She went to the activity also.  If she keeps up like this, and we don´t have any other big problems, she should get baptized the 16 of May.  She is very excited about it.  Besides that, the other investigators are doing good.  We are having a little bit of trouble finding some new people, but we have a couple future refrences from some members.  It is getting really hot here.  The good news is that the mangos are in season and all sorts of other fruits.  Well thats about it for this week!  Got to go!
Elder Carey