Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 46 in Mexico, Week 16 in Zihuatanejo

In this email there are just lots of pictures of us.  In the morning today, when we went to the Parthenon, on the way we passed by a nice part of the city with lots of hotels and stuff, views of the beach and ocean.  It was interesting.   Apparently some guy in the government made the Parthenon like 50 years ago, and  did it with government money, so the government took it from him, and now its just a big abandoned building. We took tons of pictures.  We also got into part of the building that was outside of the gate.  There were a ton of bats, and one almost hit me. There also is a picture of us making the sushi things for mothers day. okay!  So this week was pretty good.  Crescencia is still excited for her baptism.  Everyone in the ward is helping us with her.  She is having some problems with her mom and family, but that isn´t keeping her from being baptized.  It´s pretty exciting.  Diana also came to church yesterday.  She liked it a lot, and her daughter came also, and liked it as well, she said she also would like to be baptized, but we are going to put the date tomorrow.  Okay, well this is all for now.

Elder Carey

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