Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 40 in Mexico, Week 10 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone! Here in Zihua, people are starting to get here for the holy week as its called here.  This week was pretty good.  I got to go in divisions with another from the united states and I realized that my English needs a lot of work ha ha.  I can´t believe how fast the time is going, I now am in my last 13 months, but I still feel really green ha ha.   Right now I´m doing pretty good.  I´m not sick, maybe tired sometimes , but not sick.  We are going to be able to see General conference here in the chapel.    Also , this week we are going to have a zone conference, and we are going to go in divisions again, but this time I´ll be with the Elder from Chile.  It should be pretty interesting, Diana, the new investigator is doing good, she wasn´t able to go to church this week, we still aren´t sure why but we will find out soon.  She  already sort of has an answer, but we are just working with her so she keeps progressing.  David is doing good.  He was able to come to church, but he still drinks coffee, so     we've just got to make sure he doesn´t drink any coffee during this week so he can get baptized next week.  Thats about it for this week, and I also have a picture to send of my companion, Daniel, David and I.  Daniel is David´s cousin, and David is the one next to my companion in the picture.  

Elder Carey

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 39 in Mexico, Week 9 in Zihuatanejo

Hi Everyone!  I hope that you all had a good week.  This week was pretty good, my companion and I are doing pretty good.  This week we were able to go and we found some new people to teach.  One of them, is very ready to hear the gospel.  She has always had the question of which church is the real church.  she isn´t a member of any church, but she liked the first lesson that we had.  At the end of the lesson we all prayed kneeling and she is looking to receive her answer before the next lesson that is Tuesday.  It should be pretty good and we are very excited.  Also, David, another investigator is progressing very well, he came to church again and he liked it a lot.  It was good because we had ward  conference and we finally have a new bishop.  There hasn´t been a bishop here since I got here, so that should be  pretty good.  Also, one of my converts this week had the opportunity to baptize his brother.  I wasn´t there, but I´m sure it was a great experience.  Okay, I´ve got to go,   but I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Carey

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 38 in Mexico, Week 8 in Zihuatanejo

Hello everyone!  I hope everything is going good.  So far we have had a good week out here in the sun.  My companion and I are trying to find more people by talking in the street.  We can´t  go knock doors so when we find people, it has to be a reference or someone that we talked to in the street.  So we are working on that.  The investigators are doing good.  David, an investigator who is the cousin of a member in our area came to church yesterday and he liked it a lot.  He is progressing, we started to teach the Plan of Salvation with him this past week.  Dalia and Ricardo, other investigators, didn´t make it to church this week, but that might have been because it rained way hard yesterday, but everything is going good.  I am attaching a picture of the pizza we got for my birthday.  It was really good.  I can't believe I am now 20 years old.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Have a great week.
Elder Carey

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 37 in Mexico, Week 7 in Zihuatanejo

Hello everyone!  It was a good week.  We had an investigator come to church with us.  It was his first time.  He really liked it.  His cousin always goes out teaching with us.  We finally got to talk to him.  We taught him a couple of lessons, and he has accepted a baptismal date.  We had a cool experience the other day.  My companion really wanted Chinese food. We went and bought a little bit.  The next day we were walking by the Chinese restaurant, and the lady saw us and waved at us and said hi.  We went and tried to talk to her.  She doesn't really know that much Spanish.  I tried talking to her in English.  She can't speak English.  I think she speaks Chinese.  We tried giving her a card.  It was interesting.  I can officially say I have contacted Hindu, Chinese, Americans and Mexicans here on my mission.  We also did a lot of climbing and sweating.  There are a lot of hills in my area.  It is also hot and humid.  Everything is going good.  Have a great week!
Elder Carey

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 36 in Mexico, Week 6 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone has had a good week, so far everything has been pretty good here.  Today is the day of transfers, and my companion left and I´m going to be here still.  Everything else is good.  Karla told us that she doesn´t want to listen now, but we think that its because of problems with her family, and we talked with her, and she only told us that she can´t right now, but maybe later.  All the other investigators are doing good.  We found a family last week that seems very interested and we have an appointment with them today in the night.  We do have some people that are progressing quite well and if everything goes good, they should be baptized the 21 of March.  Well My time is just about up, so I hope that everyone has a great week!
Elder Carey