Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 75 in Mexico, Week 15 in Del Valle

Okay, so everything is going good so far.  I have decided that this week is going to go by super quick because we have to do splits 2 times, and I´ll have to do 2 baptismal interviews.  This week, the day when we were with the zone leaders, we were able to give 4 blessings the same day.  It was pretty cool, and we were able to help lots of people.  Today in the zone activity, it was pretty fun, we got to play volley ball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and eat pizza.  We liked it a lot, but we just had the problem of getting back on time.  

So this week was pretty good!  We started doing splits with the zone leaders.  I was with the American zone leader which was pretty cool.  Besides that we had a lot of stuff going on.  We had a stake conference this past Sunday.  President Egginton talked and the temple president talked too.  It was really good.  After that we saw President and his wife and that is where we took all of the pictures that are on Facebook.  We had a couple of investigators that went.  Ana was one.  The family that gave us food to eat on Thanksgiving also went.  Ana liked it a lot.  Some other people went, they have been going to church, and we went to go see them the first time yesterday, and it was pretty good.  They are pretty chosen, but they aren´t married.  The good news is that they just need his birth certificate, and to go sign the paper.  Besides that, there is this brother who always go with us, and his mom came to visit him because of the stake conference because he was going to be ordained elder.  Anyway, his mom brought us some stuff from the temple store in Mexico City.  She brought us new backpacks, that I´m going to send some pictures of.  They´re like special missionary backpacks, because they have a waist strap and stuff, and fits all the scriptures great.  He also bought me a new oil container because my other one started to leak a little.  So that was the big things that have happened this week.  
It was a good week.  Here are the pictures from Facebook. 
Elder Carey

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 74 in Mexico, Week 14 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!  Sorry for writing late again, we had a district activity playing kickball and eating pizza.  So far everything has been going good this week.  For thanksgiving, we are going to go eat with a family that always gives us lots of food, and I told them that it is going to be thanksgiving, and it should be pretty good.  

Okay, so this week was pretty good.  We had lots of stuff going on.  I am realizing that almost every day this past week we had to give at least 1 blessing.  It seem like everyone is getting sick.  It was a cool experience.  Besides that we visited some people during the week.  We visited Israel this week, and we shared the story of Adam, when he obeys, and makes the sacrifice just because the Lord told him to.  He told us that he was going to go to church and everything, but he never showed up yesterday.  My companion and I decided that we are going to have to tell him that we can´t go back until he has gone to church.  We were also able to go with Ana.  She also couldn`t go to church but because she also got sick.  We were able to teach her, and her daughter.  On the good side, Angel, on of the kids we were teaching a while ago went to church.  We stopped visiting him for a bit, but this past week, we ran into his mom, and she told us that they were going to go to church, and they actually did this week!  We also made an appointment to visit him, because he really wants to be baptized.

Here in my area people think if your feet get wet, or if you are standing on the cold ground, or if you eat to much ice cream, or if you change the temperature really fast, it will make you get sick.  It has never happened to me.  The weather is cooling down.  It is now in the low 80's, and some times the upper 70's.  It is still pretty nice.  

Here is a picture of my companions birthday.  A really nice family in our ward that we are going to eat dinner at on Thanksgiving insisted on making a cake for my companions birthday.  The mom thinks birthdays are very important, and you have to have a cake on your birthday.  It is really nice.  We like going to see this family.  
Elder Carey

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 73 in Mexico, Week 13 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!! So far this week has been pretty good.  It was a little stressful at first, giving my first district meeting, but it all turned out alright at the end.  Tomorrow, we have another district meeting, so it should be good.  Besides that, I got my hair cut this week.  Its sort of short, but that's alright, because its still pretty hot here.  Also, this upcoming week, we are going to have a meeting with president De Hoyos from the area presidency.  We are pretty excited to see what happens.   
This week we were able to work, and find some new people to teach.  First, we were able to go eat with this sister who was less active for a little bit, and we found out her son, who is ten years old, isn`t baptized, so we are going to work with him. Besides that, we are still working with Israel.  He didn`t go to church, and it turns out that he has a pretty big problem with coffee.  We are trying to help him get over that.  Ana is also doing good, she wants to invite us to dinner this Wednesday, and she says that she received her answer and wants to be baptized, but she didn`t go to church this week.  It might have been because her dad is sick, and she has to take care of him.  
I forgot how many chosen people are in this area.  There is the sisters area, and our area is a lot more poorer, so they are more humble.  We were walking around yesterday , and several people came up to us and said "Hey, missionaries visited us before, can you come to my house again.  It was pretty amazing.  We are working hard, and have a lot to do.  So that's it for this week.  I`ve got to go now!!
Elder Carey

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 72 in Mexico, Week 12 in Del Valle

Hi Everyone!!  So far everything has been going great this week, I`ve got a lot of pictures to send.  Javier`s baptism was great, we got some good pictures.  So transfers were this week, but we didn`t have any transfers, but I do have a new assignment, I`m going to be the district leader here, so that should be very interesting, a little bit more stress.  I`m a little worried, but it shouldn`t be that hard ha ha.  Tomorrow, I have to give the district meeting, which should be very interesting.  

During the beginning of the week, we were working to get Javier ready for his baptism, Thursday we had his interview, and he passed it and everything.  Friday we had the zone meeting, which was great, it was pretty different from other zone meetings that we have had.  They told us there that we were going to have new zone leaders there.  So besides that, everything has been going great, The baptism was great, and it almost went off without a hitch.
It is great here in Mexico serving the Lord.
Elder Carey 

Elder Carey

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 71 in Mexico, Week 11 in Del Valle

Hello! We had a great week.  There is a lot going on.  Our investigators are all doing well.  We went and visited Lucy, and she was having a panic attach and wasn't sure if she wanted to be taught.  We told her it would help with her panic attach.  We gave her a lesson, and she felt much better by the time we were done.  Her and her husband and family came to church yesterday.  

Javier is getting excited for his baptism.  His father in law is a seminary teacher, so everything we teach him he is pretty familiar with.  There is an interesting story.  We were on our way to go teach Javier, and we decided to go a different way.  We went down this one street, but it was a dead end.  When we started walking back two kids came running up to us and said that their mom wants to talk to us.  Come to find out this lady had moved in a while ago and has been a member of the church for 2 years.  She wanted to know where the church is.  That was pretty amazing.  

There is a referral we got from Tijuana from this ladies brother who is a member.  We went and visited her, and she is excited to come to church.  

Halloween is interesting here.  The kids dress up, but mostly just paint a skull on their face. When the kids go from house to house they say "We want Halloween" instead of "Trick or Treat."  We were out in one of the poorer parts of our area, and lots of the kids through eggs at us.  A while later we went to get on the bus, but it never came.  We went and found another bus that went close to our house.  We got on that bus. Someone through a rock at the bus.  It was an interesting day.  

Sunday was a great day.  We had 6 or 7 investigators come to church.  Israel finally came.  We were excited.  We showed him around the church.  We were showing him the baptismal font, and there was a dead frog in it.  We felt bad.  He said that's OK I like frogs.  

One last experience.  We had a discussion with Javier and we could tell something was wrong. His father in law asked him what was wrong.  He started crying, and come to find out he knows how important families are and he wants to be with his family for ever.  His parents are not members.  The spirit was really strong.  Who knows maybe with Javier's example they might become a member some day.  

I hope everyone has a great week.  Here is a picture from the day of the dead.
Elder Carey