Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 74 in Mexico, Week 14 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!  Sorry for writing late again, we had a district activity playing kickball and eating pizza.  So far everything has been going good this week.  For thanksgiving, we are going to go eat with a family that always gives us lots of food, and I told them that it is going to be thanksgiving, and it should be pretty good.  

Okay, so this week was pretty good.  We had lots of stuff going on.  I am realizing that almost every day this past week we had to give at least 1 blessing.  It seem like everyone is getting sick.  It was a cool experience.  Besides that we visited some people during the week.  We visited Israel this week, and we shared the story of Adam, when he obeys, and makes the sacrifice just because the Lord told him to.  He told us that he was going to go to church and everything, but he never showed up yesterday.  My companion and I decided that we are going to have to tell him that we can´t go back until he has gone to church.  We were also able to go with Ana.  She also couldn`t go to church but because she also got sick.  We were able to teach her, and her daughter.  On the good side, Angel, on of the kids we were teaching a while ago went to church.  We stopped visiting him for a bit, but this past week, we ran into his mom, and she told us that they were going to go to church, and they actually did this week!  We also made an appointment to visit him, because he really wants to be baptized.

Here in my area people think if your feet get wet, or if you are standing on the cold ground, or if you eat to much ice cream, or if you change the temperature really fast, it will make you get sick.  It has never happened to me.  The weather is cooling down.  It is now in the low 80's, and some times the upper 70's.  It is still pretty nice.  

Here is a picture of my companions birthday.  A really nice family in our ward that we are going to eat dinner at on Thanksgiving insisted on making a cake for my companions birthday.  The mom thinks birthdays are very important, and you have to have a cake on your birthday.  It is really nice.  We like going to see this family.  
Elder Carey

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