Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 72 in Mexico, Week 12 in Del Valle

Hi Everyone!!  So far everything has been going great this week, I`ve got a lot of pictures to send.  Javier`s baptism was great, we got some good pictures.  So transfers were this week, but we didn`t have any transfers, but I do have a new assignment, I`m going to be the district leader here, so that should be very interesting, a little bit more stress.  I`m a little worried, but it shouldn`t be that hard ha ha.  Tomorrow, I have to give the district meeting, which should be very interesting.  

During the beginning of the week, we were working to get Javier ready for his baptism, Thursday we had his interview, and he passed it and everything.  Friday we had the zone meeting, which was great, it was pretty different from other zone meetings that we have had.  They told us there that we were going to have new zone leaders there.  So besides that, everything has been going great, The baptism was great, and it almost went off without a hitch.
It is great here in Mexico serving the Lord.
Elder Carey 

Elder Carey

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