Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 35 in Mexico, Week 5 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  This week has been pretty interesting.  I got to try some new food.  A member gave us wild boar to eat one day, and a different member gave us crickets a different day.  They don´t taste too bad, boar was like eating pig.  Eating crickets was interesting because they fry them, but first they give them cheese to eat so they have a special taste.  It was interesting.  We also met some new people.  Karla wasn´t able to be baptized this week for some complications with her family, but we were able to talk to her, and she still wants to be baptized, she just wants to clear some stuff up first.  We are going to try and get her ready for this week or the next.  Also we had a great experience finding a new family to teach.  We were looking for a reference that a sister had given us, and we found her.  The sister told us that this person had been recieving the lessons, but when we found her, she told us that she had never been taught by a missionary, but maybe it was her neighboor who had been listening.  We asked her neighboor, and we explained that we were there to teach a message and they let us in.  We started teaching and the mother started to cry because we had got there right after a fight that she had with her daughter, and prayed for help.  That was when we got there, right after she prayed.  We started to teach them, and they were very receptive.  Actually tonight we are going to have family home evening in the house of a member with them.  Hopefully everything keeps going good with them.  Not much else happened during the rest of the week.  For the most part it was just walking and trying to find more people to teach.  But overall it has been a pretty good week.
Elder Carey

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 34 in Mexico, Week 4 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  This week has been pretty good.  We had the oportunity to go to Lazaro Cardenas to have a meeting with the mission president and some of the members that live there.  It was great because we got to learn a lot about how to help the members get involved in missionary work.  We did practices of inviting the members to invite their friends to activities, while we were acting as their friends.  I hope I explained that good.  Also it was great because the members got excited to start to work with the missionaries.  Now we are just doing these same practices with the members here in my area.  Also, this upcoming week, we might have a baptism.  The investigator´s name is Karla, and we have been helping her get ready for this Saturday, but we still need to teach her a ton.  So this week we have to meet with her as much as possible to be able to have a baptism this week.  I can´t believe how hot it gets here.  Right now it actually isn´t that hot, but the other day, a member told me that we were at 80 degrees!  I don´t know how hot it has got, or how hot its going to get, but wow its hot.  The good side to that is that there is a ton of fruit.  The mango season is starting, and people are starting to sell them in the street.  They still haven´t gotten that ripe on the trees but that will be soon.  The other day, I was walking, and we found a star fruit tree, with fruit on it, so we picked some, and just ate it.  I had never tried it before, but it tastes pretty good.  Sort of like oranges, but with a different texture.  There also are a lot of bananas, papaya, and other fruit like that.  I can´t wait to be able to make lots of fresh smoothies.  Not much else happened this week.  It is the second to last week in this transfer, and time is going by way fast, but so far everything is going good.  I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Carey

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 33 in Mexico, Week 3 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  I hope that everyone had a great week, so far everything has been good here.
We have been working lots.  This week in specific we worked on our goal of investigators in Sacrament meeting.  We worked hard, but not everyone came that was going too.  We went and looked for some families Sunday in the morning, that told us that they were going to come to church with us.  When we got to some of the houses, people were getting ready, or told us that they were going to come.  When we got to church, we waited and waited, but they didn´t come.  We did get suprised when a family that told us that they most likely wouldn´t be able to come showed up and were able to be there.  They are still progressing, which is very good.  We also were able to be present at the baptism of a boy from our area.  His uncle always comes with us for almost all of the appointments that we have.  Also, today for a district activity, we made coconuct candies from fresh coconut.  We ended up making like 2 and a half kilos of candy, and it was crazy because one area in our disctrict is like full of coconuts, and they bought each one for less than 2 pesos.  it was really interesting and fun.  I´m getting a little more used to the heat here, actually there were some days when I woke up and couldn´t sleep because the fan made me cold.  I don´t know what I´m going to do if I get sent to an area where its cold, but that won´t be for a little while.  Good luck everyone!  

Elder Carey

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 32 in Mexico, Week 2 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a great week.  So far things are going pretty good here.  This week was full of work, and we had lots of great experiences with sharing the gospel.  One of the first things that happened to us, happened while I was in divisions in San Jeronimito, un pueblito, thats just outside of Zihuatanejo.  My companion and the other elder went to visit an investigator that wasn´t really progressing, but when they got there, she told them that she had a dream.  This dream told her that she needed to repent for having rejected us.  So now she really wants to keep learning so that she can get baptized.  She was able to come to church with us this past sunday.  We also had a family that we have been teaching, come to church as well.  That was a good experience that we had.  Some of the investigators are actually progressing.  If everything goes well, we should have a baptism at the end of this month.  We were able to see the fruits of our labors, and we hope that everything keeps going good.  Something that really has helped us is that we have a couple members in the ward that go with us for almost all of the lessons we have.  Now we just need the rest of our investigators to come to church.  So far everything else is good here.  Right now its cloudy, so it isn´t to sunny, or hot, but I´m getting a little more used to the heat.  We have been finding ways to fight the heat.  I still haven´t had coconut water straight from a coconut, but I hope I will be able to try that soon.  
Got to go.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Carey