Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 33 in Mexico, Week 3 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  I hope that everyone had a great week, so far everything has been good here.
We have been working lots.  This week in specific we worked on our goal of investigators in Sacrament meeting.  We worked hard, but not everyone came that was going too.  We went and looked for some families Sunday in the morning, that told us that they were going to come to church with us.  When we got to some of the houses, people were getting ready, or told us that they were going to come.  When we got to church, we waited and waited, but they didn´t come.  We did get suprised when a family that told us that they most likely wouldn´t be able to come showed up and were able to be there.  They are still progressing, which is very good.  We also were able to be present at the baptism of a boy from our area.  His uncle always comes with us for almost all of the appointments that we have.  Also, today for a district activity, we made coconuct candies from fresh coconut.  We ended up making like 2 and a half kilos of candy, and it was crazy because one area in our disctrict is like full of coconuts, and they bought each one for less than 2 pesos.  it was really interesting and fun.  I´m getting a little more used to the heat here, actually there were some days when I woke up and couldn´t sleep because the fan made me cold.  I don´t know what I´m going to do if I get sent to an area where its cold, but that won´t be for a little while.  Good luck everyone!  

Elder Carey

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