Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 62 in Mexico, Week 2 in Del Valle

This past week was pretty good, it started off pretty good, we are still meeting all of the members and investigators.  I think it´s going to take a while.  Anyway, so Thursday we had an interesting day, we were looking a lot for people and almost no one was at home.  Friday, my companion and I woke up a little sick, but not too much, so went to go work.  Almost no one was at home during the morning, and in the afternoon we had a church activity and one of the 2nd counselor´s daughter got baptized, and he asked us to go help him prepare the font and everything.  He also brought some food to eat, so we ate, and we started to work.  After a little while, I threw up the food he gave us, and I think I had a tempurature sort of high.  I felt pretty sick during the activity.  So when we got home I took my tempurature and I had a fever of 103.  After talking to the mission president´s wife, I took some medicine to feel better, and we went to bed.  That was the worst of the sickness, but Saturday we were looking around for a doctor, and I still didn´t feel very good, but when we finally found one, it turns out I got an infection from some food someone gave us(someone gave us hamburgers that were a little red) and now I´m taking medicine to get over it.  I now feel much better, it was just a Friday and Saturday that I was really sick.  I´m still getting over it but its alright.  Sunday, we went to church, none of the investigators did, but this man showed up, and he said that he had read the book of Mormon, and it called his attention, and so he went to the church and we found him there.  Turns out that he lives in our area, and we have an appointment to see him this Wednesday, also some less active members want us to prepare their son for baptism, because he is nine years old.  So we are finding lots of people to teach which is good.  I also got to confirm the sister missionaries convert from last week, which was great.  Also, one of the sister missionaries in our ward had to go home because of some problems in her leg, and the other sister missionary is going to another ward, so we are going to have the whole ward to our selves, which should be interesting because there are like 140 active members, and only my companion and I to work here.  We´ll see what happens about that.  Over all it turned out being a pretty good week, even though we got sick.  There are lots of things to do here, and we´ve got to work hard.  Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Have a great week everyone.  
Elder Carey

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 61 in Mexico, Week 1 in Del Valle

 So far everything here is going good.  The ward is super nice, its pretty cool, well usually, it still gets to 96 more or less, but it isn`t very humid.  It actually rains a lot.  My first night here we got stuck in a rain storm that was pretty strong.  A tree outside our house got blown over.  We live in a super nice neighborhood. There are lots of nice members too.  I`m pretty sure I`m going to get fatter here ha ha.  My companion and I get along great.  Its still a little weird being with an American, but sometimes we are talking and its all mixed Spanish and English.  My Spanish is still pretty good, sometimes people tell me my Spanish is really good, others say I have an accent sometimes, but not American.  We are still getting to know everyone that's in our area, but there are lots of people that we haven`t met.  This area was the old area of the zone leaders, but they combined 2 zones and the other zone leaders left the area to us.  They left lots of investigators, but we still haven`t found out where they all live.  There are actually lots of people here that could be golden investigators, but we`ll see when we get to know them ha ha.  We are still working on meeting everyone, but we have already met lots of good members, and some great investigators.
Elder Carey 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 60 in Mexico, Week 30 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!  So far everything is going good, we didn`t have transfers.... ha ha just kidding, right now I`m in Guadalajara again, in the area of the old zone leaders.  My companion and I are both new, so we`ve got lots of work to do.  My companion`s name is Elder Toledo.  He is from the United states.  I never thought that I would have an American companion, but here I am ha ha.  Everything went good in our travels.  We got here at 3 more or less.  Yesterday, we had to leave my area directly after the sacrament meeting, and pretty much everyone watched me leave with my suitcases in hand.  It was pretty interesting.  Diana cried a little.  but so far everything has turned out pretty good.  We were able to find some people to teach before I left.  We were on divisions with the district leader, and we were able to put a new baptismal date before I left.  

So I bought a super sweet jaguar flute, that when you blow on it, it sounds like a jaguar.  The other one is an owl, that my companion bought.  It was super cool.  So this week has been pretty good.  We got lots of work done while I was in divisions, and so I think I left the area with some work.  We`ll see how Elder Landeros does ha ha.  I think that this is about everything for this week, but I`m sure there witll be lots to write about next week.  
Elder Carey

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 59 in Mexico, Week 29 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone!! So this week has been good!  The good news is that I haven´t gotten sick still from what my companion got, He was all better before Wednesday. So far I might be the only person who hasn´t gotten sick from this thing (mosquito's).  I´m going to have to brag about it a little if I have transfers and I don´t get sick.  So some big news, our mission president changed the rule about going to the beach, so today, we had already asked for permission to go to ixtapa, a more tourist part of Zihua, and he gave it to us, but just yesterday, we got a message saying that we can now go to the beach, so that is what we did today, even though we just walked in the sand a little.  It was pretty interesting, because everyone must have thought that we were crazy because we went in full uniform, tie and everything.  We weren´t there for that long but now I´m a little sun burnt on my arms. 

This week was pretty good.  It's been super hot, it hasn´t rained for a super long time, so the heat is pretty killer, then Sunday in the early morning we had a pretty crazy storm, well everyone says it was pretty crazy.  I slept right through it.  I just remember seeing the lightning while I was half a sleep.  During the week we had lots of opportunities to give service, we were able to help some less active members move some furniture, and clean the church.  An interesting story, The church here almost never has any water, so its pretty dirty.  When we went to go clean, we started to clean , and I said a little prayer so that there would be a little water, and when we went out back to check, it was just starting to fill up.  I thought it was a little miracle. 

So here we have some pictures of my missionary name tag in the sand, and some other pictures with my name tag.  We ran into the sister missionaries with some members from the ward, just that they went in normal clothes.  After that I took a picture with the hat of one of the members that was with the sisters.  The last picture  is in front of a life guard post, in Spanish it is more like life saver, and that is what we are doing so we thought a picture would be appropriate.  Well, here are all of the pictures from today.  Have a great week.
Elder Carey

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 58 in Mexico, Week 28 in Zihuatanejo

Hello! So this week we had lots of super cool experiences.  We started of the week, and we went to a members house.  Right before we got there, my companion and I were walking and we saw a women who looked pretty sad, and we both had the impression to talk with her.  When we talked with her, it turns out that she was having some troubles in her life, and was thinking about suicide.  We got there just in time, and we talked with her.  When we finished, she was actually happy.  She told us that she would go to church, but the sad thing is that she didn´t go.  Besides that, there was one day, when we were walking all over the place, and we got really thirsty, and this was just after we had gotten back from Guadalajara, so we didn´t have any money.  We went to go look for a reference before we went to lunch, and we took a new path that we usually don´t take.  While we were walking, we heard someone shout ELDERS!  and we sort of looked around until we saw someone in a hotel, and it turns out that it was the sister of an elder here in zihuatanejo.  She was super surprised and she gave her son some money so that he would buy us something to drink.  It was just in time.  Then the next day, when we ran out of food in the house, she gave us a package with stuff for her brother, and at the same time, went to go buy stuff for us.  After that they gave us all of the food that they had left over before they left.  It was a huge blessing that we got because we had completely ran out of everything.  Anyway, so here is a picture of us and this elder´s family.
Okay, so that was the big thing that happened this week.  So the pictures here are, us at the zone conference (I can take selfies too, my arm is long enough to be a selfie stick).  Some crazy pictures we took when we got to our house one night.  More pictures from the zone meeting, and all of the elders in the zone trying to dance or something, I´m not sure ha ha.  
Elder Carey