Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 58 in Mexico, Week 28 in Zihuatanejo

Hello! So this week we had lots of super cool experiences.  We started of the week, and we went to a members house.  Right before we got there, my companion and I were walking and we saw a women who looked pretty sad, and we both had the impression to talk with her.  When we talked with her, it turns out that she was having some troubles in her life, and was thinking about suicide.  We got there just in time, and we talked with her.  When we finished, she was actually happy.  She told us that she would go to church, but the sad thing is that she didn´t go.  Besides that, there was one day, when we were walking all over the place, and we got really thirsty, and this was just after we had gotten back from Guadalajara, so we didn´t have any money.  We went to go look for a reference before we went to lunch, and we took a new path that we usually don´t take.  While we were walking, we heard someone shout ELDERS!  and we sort of looked around until we saw someone in a hotel, and it turns out that it was the sister of an elder here in zihuatanejo.  She was super surprised and she gave her son some money so that he would buy us something to drink.  It was just in time.  Then the next day, when we ran out of food in the house, she gave us a package with stuff for her brother, and at the same time, went to go buy stuff for us.  After that they gave us all of the food that they had left over before they left.  It was a huge blessing that we got because we had completely ran out of everything.  Anyway, so here is a picture of us and this elder´s family.
Okay, so that was the big thing that happened this week.  So the pictures here are, us at the zone conference (I can take selfies too, my arm is long enough to be a selfie stick).  Some crazy pictures we took when we got to our house one night.  More pictures from the zone meeting, and all of the elders in the zone trying to dance or something, I´m not sure ha ha.  
Elder Carey


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