Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 62 in Mexico, Week 2 in Del Valle

This past week was pretty good, it started off pretty good, we are still meeting all of the members and investigators.  I think it´s going to take a while.  Anyway, so Thursday we had an interesting day, we were looking a lot for people and almost no one was at home.  Friday, my companion and I woke up a little sick, but not too much, so went to go work.  Almost no one was at home during the morning, and in the afternoon we had a church activity and one of the 2nd counselor´s daughter got baptized, and he asked us to go help him prepare the font and everything.  He also brought some food to eat, so we ate, and we started to work.  After a little while, I threw up the food he gave us, and I think I had a tempurature sort of high.  I felt pretty sick during the activity.  So when we got home I took my tempurature and I had a fever of 103.  After talking to the mission president´s wife, I took some medicine to feel better, and we went to bed.  That was the worst of the sickness, but Saturday we were looking around for a doctor, and I still didn´t feel very good, but when we finally found one, it turns out I got an infection from some food someone gave us(someone gave us hamburgers that were a little red) and now I´m taking medicine to get over it.  I now feel much better, it was just a Friday and Saturday that I was really sick.  I´m still getting over it but its alright.  Sunday, we went to church, none of the investigators did, but this man showed up, and he said that he had read the book of Mormon, and it called his attention, and so he went to the church and we found him there.  Turns out that he lives in our area, and we have an appointment to see him this Wednesday, also some less active members want us to prepare their son for baptism, because he is nine years old.  So we are finding lots of people to teach which is good.  I also got to confirm the sister missionaries convert from last week, which was great.  Also, one of the sister missionaries in our ward had to go home because of some problems in her leg, and the other sister missionary is going to another ward, so we are going to have the whole ward to our selves, which should be interesting because there are like 140 active members, and only my companion and I to work here.  We´ll see what happens about that.  Over all it turned out being a pretty good week, even though we got sick.  There are lots of things to do here, and we´ve got to work hard.  Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Have a great week everyone.  
Elder Carey

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