Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 61 in Mexico, Week 1 in Del Valle

 So far everything here is going good.  The ward is super nice, its pretty cool, well usually, it still gets to 96 more or less, but it isn`t very humid.  It actually rains a lot.  My first night here we got stuck in a rain storm that was pretty strong.  A tree outside our house got blown over.  We live in a super nice neighborhood. There are lots of nice members too.  I`m pretty sure I`m going to get fatter here ha ha.  My companion and I get along great.  Its still a little weird being with an American, but sometimes we are talking and its all mixed Spanish and English.  My Spanish is still pretty good, sometimes people tell me my Spanish is really good, others say I have an accent sometimes, but not American.  We are still getting to know everyone that's in our area, but there are lots of people that we haven`t met.  This area was the old area of the zone leaders, but they combined 2 zones and the other zone leaders left the area to us.  They left lots of investigators, but we still haven`t found out where they all live.  There are actually lots of people here that could be golden investigators, but we`ll see when we get to know them ha ha.  We are still working on meeting everyone, but we have already met lots of good members, and some great investigators.
Elder Carey 

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