Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 37 in Mexico, Week 7 in Zihuatanejo

Hello everyone!  It was a good week.  We had an investigator come to church with us.  It was his first time.  He really liked it.  His cousin always goes out teaching with us.  We finally got to talk to him.  We taught him a couple of lessons, and he has accepted a baptismal date.  We had a cool experience the other day.  My companion really wanted Chinese food. We went and bought a little bit.  The next day we were walking by the Chinese restaurant, and the lady saw us and waved at us and said hi.  We went and tried to talk to her.  She doesn't really know that much Spanish.  I tried talking to her in English.  She can't speak English.  I think she speaks Chinese.  We tried giving her a card.  It was interesting.  I can officially say I have contacted Hindu, Chinese, Americans and Mexicans here on my mission.  We also did a lot of climbing and sweating.  There are a lot of hills in my area.  It is also hot and humid.  Everything is going good.  Have a great week!
Elder Carey

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