Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 76 in Mexico, Week 16 in Del Valle

Hi so this week has been pretty good!!  It went by super fast because we had splits, the zone meeting, and some other stuff.  We just barely got back from buying suits.  I don´t have a picture yet, but its dark navy blue with pinstripes.  I also bought 2 ties that look pretty sweet.  Its a pretty nice store.  I´ll get some pictures maybe next week.  Oh, also, transfers are this coming week.  I might end up going but who knows.  Christmas is coming up.  There will be a huge 3 zone activity, and Christmas dinner on the 23 if I stay here, we also talked with a family for the night of the 24th to go have dinner at their house, which is very nice.  

This upcoming week is also the dedication of the Tijuana temple, and they are going to broadcast it to all of Mexico, so we are going to be able to go.  Besides that, we were also able to find some new people.  Yesterday we found someone who is super prepared.  His wife is a member, and he is very excited to learn more, he even took a picture of us so that he could remember the first day he received us for when he gets baptized, so he is super excited.  Also, I bought a fried ice cream this week, it costed 12 pesos, almost nothing!  It was pretty good, we might need to go get more soon.  

I also have a picture of a cool graffiti, and the zone meeting we had.  There is also a picture of an elder in my district and I putting on glasses, it was funny because it wasn´t planned this way, we just sort of ended up that way with the timer.  I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Carey

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