Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 79 in Mexico, Week 2 in Sahuayo

Okay, so here are the pictures from Christmas, check the date on the ring puzzle picture ha ha.  I also have some pictures from what we did for Christmas eve, we bought pizza and ice cream. It was pretty good!  Here the big day for presents is January 6th, the day of the wise men.  In this part of Mexico, Santa doesn´t bring presents, but the wise men do.  It's a little different.
The next picture is the new suit, I tried it on the first time yesterday, and I think its alright.  Next is a weird new fruit I tried today.  I think its called a Chinese pomegranate, its sort of like a pomegranate, but the seeds have a texture more like boogers, or slimy, but it tastes pretty good.  The member also gave us some to take home.

On Christmas we visited some people.  We visited one of the branch presidents counselors, he gave us lunch, and then we had to go home.

They celebrate Christmas, but not a lot, actually, the 24th is a bigger holiday, and basically everyone has lots of parties until really late.  It also depends on what part of Mexico, because in Guadalajara I think the 25th is a bigger holiday.  Sometimes baby Jesus brings gifts instead of Santa.  

I hope you have a great week.
Elder Carey

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