Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 80 in Mexico, Week 3 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  Hows it going?  Happy New Year everyone!!  Its been pretty good here so far.  New years eve we went with a member who is a chef and he made us a dinner type of thing.  It was pretty good.  Besides that everything is pretty good.  The day of the wise men is the day after tomorrow, so thats pretty cool.  Lots of stuff going on.  Other big news, the branch is now part of a district, before we were just part of the mission.  So that's good.  We were also able to find some new people this week.  We have been talking to a lot people, and we were able to find some this week.  Actually we have some appointments today with future investigators. 

Also this week we are going to be on splits with the zone leaders for a couple days because there are interviews with the president this week.  Our area is a little far away.  Their area is by that big lake, and there are tons of American members there.  Actually the district president is from Canada.

Okay, so the pictures here are from the zone meeting we had, something that happened during the splits we had, and then this statue at the top of the hill in the city.  Then a picture from the hill of the city.  

Basically what happened was that we had Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday normal, and then Thursday we went home early for new years eve.   Friday was the zone meeting and we started divisions. We had to get home early again.  Then Saturday and Sunday were normal.  It was pretty funny for new years eve and stuff.  They party a lot here.  we got up early new years day to go to the zone meeting, and when we left the house ate 6 o clock to go, there were still parties going on.  Then, here they have this idea about getting rid of hangovers.  They go and drink milk straight out of the cow, with chocolate, and more alcohol, and then go eat this stew made with meat from the cows stomach, and go sleep till the next day.  We saw lots of drunk people, but nothing happened, it was pretty interesting. 
So far the area is good, we have been able to find people to teach, We found a young couple at the beginning of the week.  The sister is very prepared.  She has read every assignment that we gave her, and has prayed and everything.  She wasn´t able to go to church though, because of some problems with her husband.  We´ll start working on that.  There is another sister who has been an investigator for a while.  She is very nice and loves to help us lots.  She has given us food a couple times, but the only problem is that she has had a hard time getting to church. We are also working on that.  Also, in the picture, it is of us giving service, helping this brother work on his roof, I got pretty burnt on that white patch on my arms, but it was worth it.
This next picture is of me in a combi, or van that they use for transport here, it was super full, so my companion took a picture.  It was new years eve, and there were people buying things all over the place.  It's one of the old Volkswagen vans.  That is sort of what they do for transportation here.  Okay, so here is the last picture.  It's of more service, we mixed cement and laid some bricks.  In the last picture, I was holding on to a bag of tostadas for the lady that was in front of me, because she had a ton of bags.

Have a great week.

Elder Carey

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