Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 81 in Mexico, Week 4 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone! Hows it going out their?  So far everything has been good here.  This past week we went to Chapala, with the zone leaders for a couple days, and we also had interviews with President.  It was a pretty good week, we got some really nice pictures of the lake and stuff, but we weren´t in our area very much this week.  This upcoming week we are going to go do splits with the other elders in the district, but all four of us are going to be in their area for a day or two. 

I´ve also got some pics from the splits and stuff.  The first picture is from the wise man day, that is the bread dessert that they eat here for the holiday.  The tradition is they put a plastic baby in the bread some where, and who ever gets it when you cut it, is suppose to make tamales on the 2nd of February.  I actually got one, but I don't think they will make me make tamales. The next picture is with a family that is in chapala, and we were there with the zone leaders.  The last picture is of the lake in the morning, and here are the pictures of the sunrise in chapala lake.  The next picture is of an ice cream we ate, its sort of hard to explain how they do it, but basically its a cold plate, and they pour cream on top, and mix it with the ingredients that you want, and let it melt again, then freeze it again and grind it off with a spatula type thing, and its super good.  Next is a pic of me sleeping after the interviews, we were really tired because it was after the splits, and we had stayed up one night to play monopoly.
Elder Carey

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