Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 83 in Mexico, Week 6 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone! So far this week has been going pretty good.  To start off, lots of cool things have been happening here.  We had a worldwide training transmission this past Wednesday.  There were like 5 Apostles and a couple other general authorities there that taught us more about the way to teach with the spirit, and other important things as missionaries.  Also, this week we are going to have a conference with Pres De Hoyos, the area president, in Zamora, with 2 zones there.  It should be pretty good, and we are pretty excited.  Also, yesterday, President Egginton came to church here in Sahuayo.  There is also an older couple that is serving here, the Anderson's.  They also came to church with President.  Elder Anderson talked to us some while President was talking with some members, and he told us about some of his experiences as a member of ward counsels and stuff like that to help the branch.  It was really interesting and I think it will help us here in Sahuayo.

So during the week, we went to go look for a referral that we had in a little town close to Sahuayo.  Well it was pretty cool what happened.  We were looking for this sister that had told us to go teach here kids because she was already a member.  We got to the little town, and we  asked in a little store if someone knew where the street was at.  No one knew, so they asked us who we were looking for.  We told them the name, and then, a little kid sticks his head out, and was like "That's my mom!"  and so he showed us the way to his house.  Honestly I don´t think we would have gotten there without him, because it was on the other side of this huge grove of trees, and it was pretty far away from the little store we asked at.  The picture is of us walking in the grove.  They told us that a high school had planted the trees a while ago, and they are pretty big now, so it must have been a long time ago.

Here is a panoramic (from my companions camera) of part of our area, with another picture of almost all of our area.  Last Sunday, we went all the way to this little town behind that big mountain on the left side.  That is where we found the family of 6 from the referral.  Its a little big, our area, but I like it.  Lots of space to work.  Also, recently I´ve heard that the dollar is worth like 20 pesos now, so the value has gone up, and now I can get more for less.  
Elder Carey

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