Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 82 in Mexico, Week 5 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  Okay, so this week has been really good so far, we have been working a lot here.  This week we started off, and we did splits with the other elders in the district, but this time, all of us were working in the same area, for a change in the division format from president.  We also were able to go with a less active sister Saturday, and when we went, her granddaughter was there, and she told us she wants to know more about the church, and she has already been to church 2 times here.  Also, yesterday, this family went to church, and the parents of this new investigator also went to church and we taught them as well.  Then, yesterday, we went to go contact a referral.  It was a little far away from our little town, but we got there, and when we found the referral, they let us in to teach them, and it turns out that it is a family of six, and the referral came from one of the daughters that lives in the united states.  They all accepted the teaching very well, and we put an appointment and stuff for Sunday, and a baptismal date for March 12th a day after my birthday, so I hope they get baptized that day!!

So that was the big thing that happened this week, it was a really cool experience, and it mostly surprised me, because in two days, we had 10 new investigators.  Oh, also, there was this guy that got to church by himself yesterday, so we also taught him.  It was pretty cool.  So, also,  I´m sending a picture of something that happened here in the area.  We were going through a sort of farm like place, and there was a dead dog hanging from a tree, we think it was because of rabies or something, but basically, my companion had a pamphlet of the plan of salvation to teach it.  Then, the next picture is of some real Kraft mac and cheese that I made the other day.  So I´m trying to cook a little bit more, because I´m a little tired of cereal and toast all the time.

Oh, I also remembered that during the divisions we had, we also decided to make smores.  So we didn´t have a camp fire, but we found something that worked, and, I also found some blueberry muffin mix, that can be used to make pancakes.  A different elder told me it works so I bought some, and also some chocolate chip muffin mix.  It was pretty good, I liked it a lot.
Elder Carey

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