Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 77 in Mexico, Week 17 in Del Valle

HI Everyone, so to start off,I got transferred from Del Valle to a branch called Sahuayo. So far it seems like a pretty nice place.  Its like a little town, and my companion and I are the only ones here.  My new companion, Elder Ruiz says that its very calm here, and that its sort of like farm.  I still haven´t met anyone, but its a pretty nice place.  It was about a three and a half hour bus ride, mostly because we were in Guadalajara.  So I´m going to be here for Christmas. From what I´ve heard, we are going to be able to use the camera in the house of prayer.  Oh also, there isn´t a church building here, and its not a stake, just a district.  Tomorrow, we have to travel 3 hours to get to the district meeting.  I´ll still be the district leader, but there are only 2 companionship here in the district.

It was very sad to leave Del Valley, actually when we told a family that I was going to leave, they bought me a cake, and I got a picture of it.  It was pretty sad, and my companion was a little sad, but mostly nervous because he is going to train now as well.  I hope that all goes well, and that they can have success.  My companion so far seems like a good guy.  I´m sure we are going to get along.  He also told me that we do have some investigators, and that if we work hard, then we should have lots of success.  The area is pretty big, we also are going to work in some of the little towns that are close.  It does seem like it is a nice place, and I´m excited to work here.
Elder Carey

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