Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 69 in Mexico, Week 9 in Del Valle

So this week has been pretty good!  The meeting we had with President Durrant was super good.  It wasn´t very long, but he taught us a lot about how to teach.  He is super tall.  We are also going to go to the temple tomorrow as a district, so that should be pretty good, we are very excited.

Here is a picture of the elders that were with us for the weekend with one of the families that he used to visit when he was here.  It was cool, because he just went around surprising his converts and stuff like that which must have been pretty cool.

Since the sister missionaries had to leave, the whole ward is our area, so we started to work some in the sisters area.  The good news is that we will never run out of work here haha.  We are still finding more people to teach.  We got a reference from pretty far away, and we went to go teach them, and they accepted baptismal dates and everything.  We also went with Israel.  He is doing good.  We lent him some church movies, and he watched them all over the weekend, he told us that he especially liked The Testaments.  His sister and his brother in law also watched the movies, and they said that they liked it a lot.  Sergio is a little different, he told us he would tell us when we could visit him, but he doesn´t say anything, but we are going to pass by his house to see him,  We also don´t know what happened with Javier, his wife told us that he went with his mom, and hasn´t been back for a while, so we have to figure out what happened there.  The members are very nice, and we are actually going to go visit the part member family tonight to have a FHE with them.  They are progressing a lot, and the sister is almost done reading the Book of Mormon.  We just need to help her get more into the activities at church and stuff like that.  The meeting with Pres. Durrant was great.  
Elder Carey

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