Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 66 in Mexico, Week 6 in Del Valle

Hi everyone!  Hows it going?  So this week the big thing that happened is that we had transfers. Turns out that I`m training a new missionary.  It caught me by surprise because both my companion and I were pretty new to the area and it just finished up so fast.  My new companions name is Elder Peña, and he is from Merida Yucatàn. So far everything is going good.  
Okay, so besides all that, this past week was pretty good.  We had some ups and downs, partially because we went with Sergio one day, and he was saying some pretty crazy stuff, that he didn`t like what we were teaching and stuff like that.  We prayed that night so his heart would be softened and the next day he sent us a message that his mom was sick, and he wanted us to pray for him.  Later on, by pure chance we ran in to him, and he sort of talked to us to calm down for some other problems that he was facing, and he said that he wants to keep learning and working to his baptism which is in 2 weeks.  We`ve got a lot to teach him but he is doing good.  Israel is also doing good, we taught the word of wisdom and he is working to stop drinking coffee.  He wasn`t able to go to church this past week, so we are going to have to put his baptism another week back, but besides that, he is progressing really good.
We also got to see part of the lunar eclipse.  We were on our way home, and the moon looked a little weird, and partially covered, and I told my companion that I thought it was an eclipse, and when we got to the house, it was completely covered and a little red, I do have some pictures, but they didn`t turn out that well.

Okay, here are some of the pictures from this week.  Sorry that one turned out pretty dark, the flash messed it up.  My companion and I also made root beer floats, the first that I`ve had in a while, so we took some pictures.  There is also a picture of the lunar eclipse, and my new companion and 1 last night after the meeting.  Okay, I`ve got to go now. Enjoy everyone!!
Elder Carey

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