Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 65 in Mexico, Week 5 in Del Valle

Hi Everyone, so far this week was really good.  We had lots of cool experiences, the first was about that elderly sister that we gave a blessing to like 4 weeks ago.  She isn´t member, but we just got the reference to go back and to teach her this time.  So we went to her house and she recieved us pretty well.  She was very happy to see us, because she feels that the blessing helped her a lot, and she called us her angels.  So we went and it was a really good lesson.  Also we went with Israel, and he told us that he prayed about the Book of Mormon, and that he knows it is true.  Then he told us he did an experiment and prayed about another book from another religion, and didn´t feel anything, which was a pretty cool experience.  Oh, and he also introduced us to his sister and his sisters husband, and we taught them too.  We also got to see Sergio, and he is doing a lot better, he got to go to church yesterday, and he liked it a lot.  He already looks like a member haha.  Israel was going to go, but it turns out he overslept.  There were a couple other things that happened, like we got to see meet the Mormons yesterday with the ward, and that was good.  We are going to see it again tonight.  Anyway this is about all for now.  Have a great week.
Elder Carey

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