Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 41 in Mexico, Week 11 in Zihuatanejo

Hi everyone, this week was pretty good out here.  We were able to see the conference and it was really good.  Also, this upcoming week, we are going to be able to see Meet the Mormons in Spanish here!   They are going to show it in the church, because there isn´t a movie theater that played it here.  I´m pretty excited because I still haven´t seen it.  Besides that, this week, we are still working with David for his baptism.  His baptismal date is for this week, but we ran in to a little bit of a problem.  He is a member of a christian church, and this week, he wasn´t able to come to conference because of a youth activity that they had in his church.  So today, in the morning we talked with him, and he said he isn´t ready for his baptism.  So we´re going to have to talk to him to help him get ready.   We don´t think that he has been reading that much of the  Book of Mormon, so we´re going to try and get things settled so he can be baptized this week.  Our other investigators are doing good.  Diana wasn´t able to come to the conference because she is sick, but she still really wants to come to church and stuff.  Well not much else has happened different , this week is the last week of  the transfer so we will see what happens next week.  Okay, I´ve got to go!
Elder Carey

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