Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 9 in Mexico

Wow time flies fast here!  I only have 3 weeks left in my training!  So far everything is going good here.  We have had a little bit of trouble with our investigators coming to church, but today we are going to visit some future investigators, and try to put a baptismal date, and commit them to coming to church.  This week we went to explore the other part of my area. It is about 30 minutes in bus to one part of my area, and then who knows how long to the other part, walking.  It is very far away, and there haven´t been missionaries there for about 5 years.  We went and didn´t get there because it was taking to long, but we are going to go again a different way that will be faster.  We ran into the state police because we were walking around a juvinille detention center, but we explained what we were doing, and where we were trying to go, and they helped us a little.  That took up a lot of time so it should be faster next time.  There are pictures of the other part of my area.  Lots more fields and open areas, it is quite beautiful.  
Good luck everyone!
Elder Carey

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