Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 6 in Mexico

Hey everyone! hope everything is going good!  So far, this week has been pretty good.  Sometimes the days are long because lots of people are gone for vacations.  Overall things are still pretty normal.  I finished my first exchange here in mexico!  My training is half way over.  The work here is going good, but our investigators didn´t come to church again :(  We don´t have any new ones, but the lessons with all of our current ones are going pretty good.  We are teaching an hermana named Jessica, and we taught her about the plan of salvation.  She has some doubts about it because she believes in reincarnation, but we explained to her that if she reads the book of mormon, and comes to know it is true, than reincarnation isn´t true.  Sometimes the people here are weird with their religions and beliefs.  The ten commandments here says to ¨sanctify your parties¨ and doesn´t mention the Sabbath day. The good thing is that when people understand and agree with us, we can tell that they have been prepared.  We had a change in the zone leaders this past exchange because one of them finished his mission and is on his way home.  I have a picture of him, and a picture of part of my zone that I am going to send.  Time really is going by fast, and it is interesting to see how the Lord works with people of different cultures. Well I´ve got to go, good luck with everything everyone!
Elder Carey

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