Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 5 in Mexico

This week has been pretty good!  It has been pretty normal as well.  We found another family to teach!  They were a refural of a member, and it was cool because the day we got the refural, we were out and about.  We finished up a lesson, and went to our next, but just about no one was home.  I was talking with my companion, and mentioned that we should go to this house, but it was sort of far away, so my companion thought that we should try and go somewhere else.  Then like two minutes later, the same member called us and told us they found someone who wanted to hear more!  It is a family, and they are doing really good.  We have had  2 lessons with them, and they came to church!  They are catholic, but there are things that they disagree with.  The two parents aren´t married so we can´t get a baptismal date, but they have plans to get married soon so they can be members!  I can tell that they were prepared for us to teach!
This week we also went to KFC twice because members didn´t have time to make us food, so they just gave us money, so we went to KFC!  I also bought a nerf gun at a members house for way cheap. My companion bought 2 nerf guns, and a light saber.  I´m not exactly sure, but it is an interesting souvenir.
So far spanish is coming really good.  Everyone tells me that I´m doing good, but I still have a hard time talking to people in the street, because I haven´t learned a lot of the words or phrases.  I have talked with people in the street, and usually they understand me, and I can understand part of what they are saying! 
I´ve got to go because I don´t have lots of time to write today because of a meeting I had in the mission office because it is my 6th week.  Good luck everyone with everything!
Elder Carey

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