Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 4 in Mexico

This week has been a blast!  I went on exchanges again, but this time I stayed in my area, and my companion went to the other area.  It was interesting because we had to do weekly planning, and my companion for the day didn´t excactly know my area, but we still got it done.  We also found this hermana outside trying to clear a path so the water in the street could drain, so we helped her.  After we helped her, she invited us into her house, and we started to teach her!  Now she has a baptismal date, and we are going to teach her again tomorrow!  I also had another baptism this past week of a sister whos family was converted only a little while ago, and she wasn´t there for the lessons, so we taught her, and now she is a member! In the picture, her father is standing next to me, and she is more in the middle, by my companion.  The city here is certainly interesting!  I had this really good soup yesterday that had bacon, and some other type of meat in it.  I shouldn´t be supprised but people here put chili on just about everything.  The food is good, but the members always want me to put chili on my food, but I almost never do.  I have had salsa de habanero, but pretty much anything that has salsa, not chili, or pica in the name isn´t spicy.  Its weird because the weeks are going by so fast,  I´m already just about half way done with my training!  spanish is coming good, I had to give my first talk in spanish this past sunday, and I didn´t have that much time to prepare, but I went in with 3 scriptures and was able to talk for just about all of the time that was allotted me! It was a good experience and I could tell that the Lord has helped me with the language.
Sounds like everything is going good back home and everywhere else!  Keep up the good work!
Elder Carey

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