Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 22 in Mexico Week 4 in Cruz del Sur

This week has been good, but we also had some new things that happened.  This cambio is coming to a close, in 2 weeks.  This week I had the opportunity to contact someone from India.  There is a service center for Comcast here close to my area, and in part of my area, there is a part were lots of people from India live.  They don't speak spanish, so it was weird.  We were in a lesson with an investigator, who owns a laundry mat, and indians just kept coming in, and the investigator doesn't speak english, and they don't speak spanish.  So I talked to some of them, but it was way hard, because I am so used to contacting in spanish.  I said "sí" like 5 times, but we understood each other.  My companion doesn't speak english, so I don't know if we could teach them very well, but none of them wanted to know more about the church.  We found a new family to teach.  It is a husband and a wife, but they are hard to teach.  The wife doesn't really want anything, and her husband is a little interested.  We got them to commit to read the book of mormon, and they said they would take like 1 week to read part of it, and pray to know if its true.  We wont know how it went till Friday.  We are going to have an open house at the church, and they said they would come.  We had a leadership seminar this week.  It was really good, and helped me think how I can be a better missionary.  Not much else happened.  I ate pigs face for the first time.  It has a really weird texture, but it doesn't taste too bad.  Otherwise, not much else happened, we have been looking for more people to teach, but lots of people give us fake addresses.  There are some people that actually listen to us, but we have to work to find them.  Good luck everyone this week!
Elder Carey

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