Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 19 in Mexico

So far everything is going good here!  I began training, we had 6 zone leaders in our house one night because of a meeting they had with the president.  This area is way different from my other area.  Its a lot closer to the city but the people are way harder to talk to.  One guy, we tried to talk to him, but all he said was "I don´t like your church" and walked off.  It was interesting, but we have found a chosen few that are ready to hear the word of God.  This week we didn´t find that many new people, but this week we are going to go look for a couple of the people we talked to this past week.  We also should have a baptism this up coming week if everything works out.  This week we also found bonsai trees that people were selling in the street, so my companion and I bought one.  We also had a zone meeting, it was different being in a different zone, but I liked it.  So far everything is going good with my companion, Elder Filidor, and he is from Veracruz.  Its weird training someone who already knows the area, and has half of his training.  We get along well and I hope we start to get things going here in Guadalajara.
Good luck everyone!
Elder Carey

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