Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 18 in Mexico

This week was really interesting, Firstly, we had a baptism!  It was great, his name is Jorge, and we found him one day when we were coming back to the house.  He lives like right outside of our house.  He asked us what we believe in and what we teach, and so we taught him, and when he had all of the lessons, and had come to the church enough times, we baptized him.  That was one of the big things that happened this week, the other thing is that I got changed!  My new area is called Cruz del Sur, and we are right here in the city.  This area has a lot more things then my other area.  We have a dairy queen, MacDonald, and other stuff like that.  I also am training a missionary.  Its a little different, because he already has finished half of his training, but I am going to finish the other half of his training with him.  I wasn't able to write yesterday because we were helping get all of the new trainers to our house, because our house is extra big for when other missionaries come for a meeting or something because the mission offices are like 15 minutes from our house.  My new ward consists of my companion and I, the secretaries, and the sister training leaders.  It definitely is a big change from my other area to here.  I will have to send pictures of my area next week, and this week, I have some pictures from the baptism and other stuff.  Good Luck everyone.  Elder Carey

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