Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 16 in Mexico

This week was good, it was a little different from last week.  We got a lot of references, mostly from the other elders in our ward.  When we went to go find them we found out that some of them aren´t married, but we are trying to help them get married.  We got a couple more baptismal dates set.  So far we have some baptisms ready and if everything works out, we will have a couple in the following weeks.  Some of our investigators are a little tough though.  The mom of Fernando, my first convert, now has a baptismal date, but it is like the 5th one she has.  She hasn´t been praying or completing the commitments.  She says that if she recieves an answer she said she would be baptized.  She has come to church with us a few times, but not recently.  Her son is helping her work and read some. Our other investigator that wants to be baptized, we found out that he did some things bad, and can´t be baptized for now.  He had an interview with the president of the mission, and we have to get permision from the first presidency to baptize him.  He is a really good person, and our president thinks so too.  He wants to serve a mission, and our president told him to prepare, and he is excited to for his baptism.  
Hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Carey

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