Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 15 in Mexico

This week was really good!  It went by really fast, and now its P day again.  General conferance was really good.  I wasn´t able to watch it in english, but it still was really good, and I understood most of it.  Before conference we went to a candy shop, and bought some candy for conference, I still have some left over.  We had 5 investigators come to general conference with us.  Eizan, one of the investigators, came with us to 4 of the sessions!  Starting Saturday afternoon, priesthood, and both of the Sunday sessions.  He is 22 years old, and he is really interested.  After the last session, he asked us what are the requirements to be baptized, and if he can be a missionary!  He really wants to be baptized, and if his work doesn´t keep him from coming to church with us, he will be baptized the last Saturday of this month.  We also started to teach an old couple, and they want to be baptized too.  They also came with us to general conference. The husband can´t walk because of a stroke, but he is getting better, gradually gaining more movement in the one side of his body that is affected.  We had to get him to general conference pushing him in his wheel chair, which was interesting, but we got him there without any problems.  The talks from conference were really good,  it was cool that everyone could talk in their native language, especially the ones in Spanish.  Good luck everyone!
Elder Carey

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  1. Hello!! My son is in this picture, he has barely been in Mexico one month!! Anyway, he hasn't been able to send me pictures since he has been in Mexico and I was wondering if I could copy this one so I can have a picture of him? You can email me back and let me know, - thanks.