Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 28 in Mexico, Week 10 in Cruz del Sur

How is everyone doing?  So far this week has been good.  I got to go on exchanges for new years.  I stayed in my area and my companion got to go to their area.  It was an interesting experience, my first new years here in Mexico.  People get pretty crazy here.  We had to get to the house at 7 before it got too dark and people got too drunk.  Also here, there is a tradition, for the new year people shoot off 12 bullets in the sky, and there have been lots of accidents in the past.  I was asleep when that happened, but for a large part of the night, we were kept awake because the kids next door have an inflatable toy that they use, starting at like 9 o clock at night.  Usually it not too often they do it so its alright, but also during the night people lit off fireworks outside our house, and they just blow up making a loud sound.  It was a pretty good new years over all.  Then today we had a zone activity, and we played frisbee, and volleyball.  Then we ate lonches, or sandwhiches and this type of bread for a holiday, Día de los Magos Reyes.  It was bread with sugar, and this fruit leather on top.  The holiday is tomorrow, the 6th of January.  Also this week we decided to start an English and family history class to find more people to teach.  The first class will be this Saturday, but I think it will be pretty interesting teaching English, I´m not even sure if I can remember all of it, but we´ll see how it goes.
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Carey

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