Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 86 in Mexico, Week 9 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  Hows everything going out there?   The big news, is that they finally talked to me about the flight back home.  I told the secretary that I wanted to go by Utah, and the said that she would try get one like that for me.  Besides that, valentines day was pretty good here.  They do celebrate it here, but we didn`t really do anything.  I think that they just had a gift exchange in the young women.  But that was it.  

I`m doing pretty good, we are both healthy, and happy, actually here in a little bit, we are going to go play Frisbee with some of the youth from the ward here, so that should be good. 

Other big thing that is happening now, is that the pope is here in mexico, and tomorrow, he will be in the mission.  So that should be pretty good.

The family that was going to get baptized on March 12 isn't going to be able to now.  They thought the dad had a heart attack or a stroke or something. They told us that he is now doing better, and that nothing really bad had happened, but they couldn`t go to church because the father was working.  We were able to find 2 other investigators, brothers that now have there baptismal date for March 12.  They went to church and everything yesterday, so they are progressing pretty well.  They are pretty good, other missionaries actually taught them like a year ago, but they say that they want to be baptized and that they already have testimonies of Joseph Smith, which is great.

We were able to go and have splits with some of the members in the branch here too, and visit some less active members.  Some of the visits went really well.  The inactive members were very talkative.  One of the inactive members my companion went to use to be the branch president, and he went off about there is nothing you can teach me.  He know everything because of all of the callings he has had.  He is one of the members that is stirring the members up, so there is a lot of anger.  We are going to have to work on that. 

We have been visiting lots of inactive members, and we have several investigators that are progressing nicely.  We are working with the branch bishopric to organize something for the young adult.  There are a lot of young adults here, and if we could get them involved that would be awesome.  Things are going great.  We are staying very busy.  

The first picture my companion tried to take of me sleeping, but I woke up just as he took the picture.  The 2nd one is of my companion sleeping.  The last picture is of our zone conference.

Elder Carey

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