Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 87 in Mexico, Week 10 in Sahuayo

So far this week has been pretty good.  Lots of things happened.  The week started off with the district meeting that we had Tuesday.  After that everything went by really fast.  We have been working with Alfonso and Oliver a lot.  Sadly they weren`t able to go to church this week, so their baptismal date got set back a week.  We were able to see them last night, and they told us it was because their parents were there.  We were able to talk to them and to their parents.  They really want their parents to get to know more about the church, it was a cool experience because they were sharing their testimonies and stuff.  Besides that during the week we went with some members that showed us to some of the less active members that are here.  It was pretty good overall.  We didn`t have a lot of lessons, but we did get some stuff done.  Besides that, one of President Egginton`s counselors went to church yesterday, and said that he is going to start going to church more often here, so that should be good. 

So also, when we were teaching Alfonso and Oliver their aunt was there and she seemed very interested.  We are going to see them again this Thursday so we hope she can listen to us as well.  Besides that, we visited other investigators, but they just talked a lot and a lot, and we lost a little bit of time with that, but we are going to try and get better at that, because people here talk a lot.  Besides that this upcoming week I am going to go to Guadalajara for a leadership training meeting, which should be good. 

I woke up this morning with a stomach bug.  Actually I think it might be food poisoning.  We ate something called carnitas.  This member invited us to eat yesterday.  Basically, its pork meat that they cook the whole pig at the same time, and its sort of meat, sort of fat.  Its not my favorite, but we had to eat it.  It wasn`t actually that bad, but today in the morning, I got a little sick.

Here is a picture of our district meeting.  When we have district meeting every Tuesday we have to get up at 4:00 am to catch a bus that is a 3 hour ride.  Sometimes the meeting is in our area.  This meeting was in Guadalajara.  

Elder Carey

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