Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 88 in Mexico, Week 11 in Sahuayo

Hola!  So far this week was pretty good.  To start off I was a little sick, but I was able to get better fast.  This past Tuesday we went on splits with the zone leaders to be able to get to the leadership training meeting faster.  It was pretty fun, the meeting was really cool.  We talked about the difference between administer and minister, and why district leaders are important.  Then we got back here in Sahuayo that night at like 9 o clock.  The next day we went to go visit Alfonso and Oliver, and they introduced us to one of their friends also.  We have been able to teach lots of people because they introduce lots of people to us.  Then Friday, we went with this one brother who gave us lunch, then we went to go visit people.  We were able to visit some old investigators that received us.  And some of them accepted baptismal dates.  They weren`t able to go to church, but we have appointments with them to keep teaching them.  

So the church services were good yesterday.  Not that many people went, just 33, but there were a couple that were sick, others that couldn`t go because they were in other branches.  There were a couple of investigators that went to church, but the only two that are progressing were Alfonso and Oliver.  There was another one that has gone to church here a couple of times, but it turns out he doesn`t live in our area, so we sent the referral.  Also, here in a little bit we are going to go and play Frisbee which should be pretty good.  Then, tomorrow we are going to have the district meeting here in Sahuayo, and the zone meeting next Tuesday, we are going to invite some members to go so we can do some practices with them.  It should be pretty interesting.  

Hey!! So here are some pictures of, the house of prayer, the baptismal box, and me eating popcorn in the morning.  I put hot sauce that they put on pretty much everything here.  It's pretty good.  

Yep, people get baptized in that box. The house of prayer say the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints on the fence.  There are some class rooms, its actually pretty cool on the inside.  There are 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and like 3 other rooms, and the branch presidents office.  The baptismal box is on the outside and the baptisms are also outside.  Actually, the door that on the upper right hand side is an apartment for a non member family.  

The last picture is at the leadership training.  It was fun to see one of my old companions, and people I know from the mission.  

Elder Carey

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