Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 89 in Mexico, Week 12 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  So far everything is going good out here.  Actually we are going to go help this sister paint her house later on.  We are healthy and happy.  This week is going to go by super fast, because we have a zone meeting tomorrowWednesday is the follow up for my companions training.  Then Thursday we are going to have splits and Friday we are going to be in our area.  We are going to have an activity, and we told a couple members about my birthday, and one of them has a bakery, and so they might make an orange cake.  Then after that the week will be just about over.  So that's the big news for this week! 

So daylight savings time is next week?  I think that here it isn`t till the week of general conference.  So Alfonso and Oliver are doing good so far.  Yesterday they went to church, and they liked it a lot.  Actually some members were asking them about their baptism.  They responded, and they said that they are excited.  Their baptism is going to be the 19th so its coming up pretty fast.  Also, this week we are going to have an activity the day of my birthday, and we are going to do Lehi`s dream with the iron rod and stuff so that should be good.  

So here are a couple of the pictures from this week.  To start off, the first picture if in Jiquilpan, a little city that is close to Sahuayo.  Its a sort of more cultural city, and so we took a couple pictures there.  Also a picture with a cool tree that bloomed blue.  I also took a picture during the splits that we did.  We passed by a nice part in the mountains there, so I took a picture.  Also, the picture from the activity we had last Monday.  So that's the big thing that has happened this week! 
Elder Carey

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