Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 90 in Mexico, Week 13 in Sahuayo

HI everyone!  How is everything going out there?  So far everything is going great here, its a little hotter now.  So today we are going to go play frisbee again.  We are sort of doing it everyother week.  The activity of Lehi's dream was pretty good, at first there weren´t that many people, but towards the end more people showed up.  My birthday went pretty good.  We ate pambazos for luch with a sister, they were really good, then some members made me this kind of cake.  It wasn´t the orange cake, but it was really good.  It was this kind of cookie in a bath of sweetened condensed milk and lime juice.  It was really good.

As far as I know they don´t celebrate Saint Patrick's day here. The meeting for my companions training was really good.  It was very different from the other meetings like this that I have been to.  It was more like a zone meeting.  And yes, our cup tower was the bigest the first time around.  Then after that, everyone sort of copied us to get big towers as well, but it was good.

It did get pretty cold here for a couple of days.  So basically this week, we had the zone meeting, which lasted a very long time.  We got back to our area at like 8-8:30 ish.  Then Wednesday, we went to Morelia, another city in the mission, actually, basically the only big city that I hadn´t been to.  It was super windy there, and when we left it was also a little bit rainy.  

So after that, on Friday, It was pretty good.  Quite a few people told me happy birthday.  Then in the night we had the activity, and at first there weren´t that many people, just the normal's.  So we called some people, and they started showing up.  At the end, we had the iron rod practice, and it turned out really good.  It was funny to see what people did when they were tempted and stuff like that.  I thought it was pretty cool.  

OK, so here are the pics for this week.  The first pictures is from the activity.  Alfonso and Oliver went, and quite a few other members went.  We bought some twine and some candies to be the fruit at the end.  It turned out to be really good.  There were a couple of members that just got stuck half way through.  I think it helped everyone realize how it is now a days. 

OK, So the pictures from this email are from Saturday when we went to go visit a referral, and my companion fell asleep on the bus.  Afterwards we are going to have to work with some missionaries there, because the referral is the mother of some of their investigators.  They said they don´t want to get baptized till their mom receives the lessons.  It is the only part of our area by the shore of lake Chapala.  She wasn´t actually there, but we found out that she is only at home on Mondays in the afternoon/night, so we are going to go check today.  So besides all that, this week Alfonso and Oliver are going to get baptized.  They went to church yesterday, and, they went with ties on.  So that was pretty cool.  They actually went to the activity, and they liked it a lot.  We have almost finished teaching, and their baptismal interviews will be Wednesday.  We are pretty excited for that.  Besides that, we are going to have to fill up the baptismal box, which should be another interesting experience.  Also, a self sufficiency course got started up yesterday at church, so other things are going on.  Usually every week, there are people that go to church, but not on the same Sunday, because some are sick and stuff like that.  But so far things are going good.
Elder Carey

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