Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 92 in Mexico, Week 15 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone, so far this week was pretty good.  It was Easter break, so there weren´t that many people here but it was alright.  We had splits, and the other elders in the district came here for 2 days.  We also had a zone conference Friday.  It was really good, but it lasted a long time.  We got back to our area at like 10:20 that night.  They also gave us some pretty good food.  

All the young single adults went to a conference they had, and Saturday night they got back.  They all liked it a lot.  Alfonso and Oliver said that they had fun.  They also asked us if we could show them how to use the pamphlets to teach their friends and stuff.  Now they are excited to have more activities with the YSAs in the branch.  Actually tomorrow we are going to have a sort of game night, they really liked the last one.  So that should be good.  We are also working with their aunt still, she didn´t go to church, but we are going to visit here Wednesday to see how she is doing, so we are excited for that.  

So here are all of the pictures for this week.  The first ones are at zone conference.  The food was really good.  President and Sister Egginton came to church at our branch yesterday and took a few pictures of me and my companion.  It was Easter, and a very beautiful day.  My companion took a picture of me walking, and the last picture is of my companion sleeping in the morning when we went to the conference.  We were all pretty tired, and it was pretty funny ha ha.
Elder Carey

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