Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 93 in Mexico, Week 15 in Sahuayo

Alright so this week was pretty good.  To start off, there isn´t any water in the house.  Supposedly there was a problem with the water plant,  so we don´t have any water.  The neighbor did give us enough to be able to flush the toilet, and wash hands and stuff, but all the dishes are dirty, and I haven´t showered today, and we are going to play Frisbee.

So far this week has been pretty interesting.  We went to the district meeting in the other elders area, just an hour away, but as you could see in the pic, I was able to get some sleep on the way back.  After that we had the activity in the night with the young singles, we played some games, and set up the calendar.  We also have been teaching some friends of Alfonso and Oliver, and also their aunt.  She is progressing pretty well, but they weren´t able to go to church Sunday, but we are going to go give the talks to Alfonso and Oliver so they can share the talks and stuff with their friends when we aren´t there.  We were also able to find someone else to teach, its a lady that attends an herb store with all natural health stuff.  She seems pretty interested.  Also we were able to go to another pueblo(town)  called Pajacuaran.  and we visited a less active member, and a drunk guy talked to us, well, mostly me, in English.  He also asked if I knew how to say house in Hebrew, and I just invented a word, and he totally believed me ha ha.    Mostly we are trying to get the young single adults to be pretty strong so at least there is one part of the branch united, but I think its working pretty good.  We might go to the temple with the branch this weekend, we still need to clear up some questions about traveling and stuff like that, but we are going to try.

Today we are going to go play Frisbee with the YSA's again.  Besides that things have been going pretty good.  I really liked general conference.  It was pretty good.  The priesthood session was really good.  There weren´t that many people that went during most of the sessions, but Sunday morning there were quite a few people.  We bought quite a bit of candy for the conference.  

Oh, also here are some pics that my companion took of me, if you can´t tell, I was a little tired ha ha.  The pics on the bus were when we came back from the district meeting, the other pic is from our studies one morning, sometimes its really hard to stay awake ha ha.  During the week we were able to have an activity with the young singles again.  We helped them organize a calendar so they can have lots of activities.  Also they are going to start with institute which should be really good.  We are pretty excited for them.  As you can see from the pictures we are working really hard, and are very tired.  Time is going by so fast, I can't believe it. 

Elder Carey

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