Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 96 in Mexico, Week 19 in Sahuayo

Alright, so this is the last week.  To start off, we were in the zone leaders area Monday at night, because of the activity that I mentioned last week.  We stayed there until Tuesday afternoon, because of the district meeting.  After that, we had an activity with the YSAs Tuesday night.  It turned out pretty good, there were a couple more than the last week.  On Thursday, one of the families made us pizza for my last week.  It was really good.  Than Thursday in the afternoon, we had an activity with the whole branch.  Not everyone was able to go, but it turned out pretty good.  It was a talent night, and there were lots of members that sang, played guitar, and other things like that.  It was pretty fun, and everyone liked it a lot.  After that, it was Friday, my last full day in Sahuayo,  we were pretty busy, trying to visit people, and buy whatever I still needed.  After that Saturday in the early morning, we went to Guadalajara.  We got there at like 9:30, and we were waiting in the mission offices for a little bit.  We ate some tacos and stuff, in a mall, and we took a picture by a fountain.  After that we went to the temple, all of the missionaries that were going to finish.  It was really cool, because after the session, we went outside, and the members from my first area had been on their temple trip, and I was able to see my first convert, and some of the other members from my first area, everyone thought that time had gone by so fast since I had been there.  After that, we went to go eat tacos.  They were really good, and probably was one of the last times I'll eat tacos like that again.  The next day I went to church in my second to last area, and was able to see some of the other members that I had been with like 5 months ago, so that was really good.  After that  we went back, and I had my interview and stuff, and we had the last supper.  The food was really good, but I think we were all a little nervous so we didn't really eat that fast.  The next day we woke up at 1 o'clock in the morning, to get to the airport on time, and I was travelling all day, and got back home at like 6:30 p.m.  Some of the pics from my arrival are here, but now I'm home, safe, and I'll wait to see everyone May 8th, in church at 8:30 am!