Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 95 in Mexico, Week 18 in Sahuayo

Hi everyone!  Hows everyone doing?  So far things here are going pretty good.  Actually, today we had a zone activity with the whole zone.  Its pretty sweet because all the areas are pretty far away so it was pretty fun.  We played volleyball, soccer, and baseball.  the only down side was that I fell on my ankle and it hurts a bit now.  We also went to go eat hamburgers and fries, it was really good.  So far things are doing good, in our area there are a couple things happening but we are alright.  

We also have been working with the members doing there FHEs and doing their home teaching, which was one of the goals from the zone meeting we had this week.  We also had an activity with some of the YSAs, but only 2 went so it turned into doing practices teaching with them.

OK, so here are some pics from this week.  We actually had to stay in the house 2 days, because of some things that were happening here.  There were some problems, and on the way back from a lesson in a little town in our area, there was a bus that had been flipped over, and it was blocking the way back home, so we went a different way in taxi, to be able to get back safely.  The pictures are of a mango we ate, it was good, after that some sunsets from the roof of the house.  There are also some pics of the new T shirts we printed for the zone, also so far things have been going good here.  We also got some pics painting the new store of the family that has the bakery.  So I have been buying lots of things here, I still need to buy some candy, and I´m also thinking of getting some other stuff.  
Elder Carey


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